How to spy on competitors’ traffic sources 

Competitor traffic analysis is a key digital marketing tactic used by companies to identify where competitors are getting their traffic so they can copy their strategies.

Performing competitor analysis has a ton of benefits including:

⭐ Understanding which traffic channels (search, paid ads, email, referrals, etc) perform best

⭐ Evaluating traffic stats to benchmark against your competitors

⭐Figuring out which countries are contributing to a competitors’ growth

In this tutorial, we will show you how you can get traffic performance stats for any website in minutes using Hexomatic.

Step 1:  Create a new workflow

To get started, create a new workflow from data input. 

Step 2: Add the website URLs

Next, add the competitor website URLs. You have two options to proceed: use the Manual paste/ list of inputs option to add a list of website URLs manually or use the Upload file option to browse a CSV file containing the website URLs. 

Step 3: Add the traffic insights automation

Add the traffic insights automation, selecting data input as the source. Then, specify the traffic configuration type from the dropdown menu. 

Then, click Continue.

Step 4: Run or schedule the workflow

You can click Run now to run the automation or schedule it.

Step 5: View and save the results

Once the workflow has finished running, you can view the results and export them to CSV or Google Sheets. 

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