Scrape data from any website in minutes

Automate time consuming data collection with our visual point and click scraping recipe builder.

Hexomatic features automatic field detection and pagination to help you capture products, listings and pricing data in minutes.

Scraping recipes can be combined and enriched using ready made automations.

No coding or PhD in programming required.

Make the internet your own data source with our point and click website scraping engine
Get access to native, community and premium automations

Run your scraping recipes on demand or schedule these to get fresh, accurate data that syncs natively to Google Sheets or can be used in any automation sequence. Hexomatic works 24/7 in the cloud, enabling you to tackle projects of any size on autopilot. Each plan comes with a monthly renewing quota of page requests (one request is made per page scraped) and includes free IP rotation as standard for a frustration free experience.

25+ ready made built-in automations to supercharge your workflow

Perform time consuming tasks and enrich your data in minutes using our ready made automations. Find contact details, specific document types, convert images, extract SEO data, detect tech stack, perform WHOIS queries and more.

Start with a scraping recipe, CSV or Google Sheet and combine automations to perform tasks on your data at scale.

Tap into premium automations to leverage 3rd party services

Find leads using Google search or Google maps in a few clicks without having to create your own scraping recipe, then combine other automations to find contact details, detect tech stack or even estimate traffic for each prospect in minutes.

Get Amazon data, tap into world class machine translations from Google Translate or DeepL and get traffic insights for any website right inside your workflow, no API’s or additional subscriptions required.

To access premium automations simply subscribe to our optional premium credits subscription available from just $4.99/m.

Create your perfect workflow in minutes

Start workflows from a list of keywords, URLS, a CSV file, or any website scraping recipe.

Then chain together additional scraping recipes and automations to perform tasks on your data.

Sales teams can find and enrich leads on autopilot, saving hours of manual work.

Marketing teams can tap into new markets, data sources and translate creatives at scale using machine translation.

SEO teams can run complex data extraction scraping at scale.

Data entry and research teams can build their own scraping bots and leverage ready made automations to capture and process data at scale.

Create any workflow by chaining together automation blocks and custom actions
In fact, Hexomatic can help just about any industry scale time consuming tasks via a simple no-code, point and click work automation platform that runs 24/7 in the cloud. No software to install or coding skills required.Once a workflow has run, you can export your data in CSV, to Google sheets or sync your data to a live Google sheet automagically.

Coming soon in Q3

Leverage a crowdsourced workforce inside your workflows

Hexomatic plans to integrate with 3rd party app integration platforms such as Zapier, Pabbly, and Integrately enabling you to send your data to thousands of compatible apps and services.

Hexomatic is also working on a crowdsourced team of assistants that can work on a per task basis to perform actions such as finding information on a page, labeling or content writing using our premium credits.

Our plan is to work with our early adopters to create crowdsourced automations in Q3 to solve problems at scale at a fraction of the cost of hiring additional employees.