Follow our latest Hexomatic product and development updates.

1.9 – 15th September 2021

  • New feature: Regex automation
  • New feature: RSS extractor automation

1.8 – 8th September 2021

  • New feature: find replace automation
  • New feature: xml sitemap generator automation
  • New feature: Yes/no crowdsourced automation
  • New feature: AI vision OCR automation
  • New feature: AI vision image safety automation
  • New feature: AI vision spoof detection automation
  • New feature: AI audio transcription automation
  • Enhancement: translation automation now supports multiple fields
  • Enhancement: UX improvement showing workflow credit usage

1.7 – 31st August 2021

  • New feature: crawler automation
  • New feature: regex added to scraping recipes
  • Enhancement: email & phone number extraction in scraping recipes
  • Enhancement: image labelling improvements
  • Enhancement: email scraper and discovery improvements
  • Enhancement: UX improvements
  • Enhancement: general bug fixes

1.6 – 23rd August 2021

  • New feature: AI image labelling automation
  • New feature: AI text to speech
  • Enhancement: added more email statuses to email scraping automation
  • Enhancement: added anchor text data to link automation
  • Enhancement: Improved workflow UX

1.5 – 17th August 2021

  • New feature: spelling & grammar audit automation
  • New feature: Bing search automation
  • Enhancement: Delay + custom height options added to our screenshot capture automation
  • Enhancement: Bulk run workflows
  • Enhancement: Selector based content scraping added to Get page content automation
  • Enhancement: Workflow statuses now update dynamically without needing a refresh
  • Enhancement: Translate to many languages at once using Translation automations

1.4 – 9th August 2021

  • New feature: Email address Validation – checks whether an email address is valid.
  • New feature: Files compressor- combines files into a single zipped folder.
  • New feature: Phone number scraper – finds phone numbers from web pages.
  • Mathematical operations – performs basic arithmetic operations.
  • Webhooks – sends data to any application via webhooks.

1.3 – 3rd August 2021

  • New feature: Duplicate remover automation
  • New feature: Email discovery automation
  • New feature: Amazon product seller automation to get all the competing sellers for any Amazon ASIN in any Amazon marketplace including price, condition and rating.

1.2 – 26th July 2021

  • New feature: keyword finder automation looks for the presence or absence of any keyword or phrase in the HTML of a page. This is ideal to look for specific scripts or mentions on a page.
  • New feature: Currency converter automation (featuring live exchange data)
  • New feature: Crypto currency converter automation(featuring live exchange data)
  • New feature: Amazon product search automation
  • Scraping recipe builder enhancement: Native ad / modal pop-up blocking
  • Scraping recipe builder enhancement: Scroll
  • Scraping recipe builder enhancement: Delay
  • Scraping recipe builder enhancement: Custom cookies
  • Scraping recipe builder enhancement: Refresh
  • Scraping recipe builder enhancement: Element blocking
  • Scraping recipe builder enhancement: Password input
  • Scraping recipe builder enhancement:Local storage of browser values
  • Scraping recipe builder enhancement: Improved automatic pagination
  • Bug fixes
  • Enhancement: Better anti bot countermeasures

1.1 – 20th July 2021

  • New feature: File & Documents Finder automation enables you to find all the urls in a page that match a specific file or document extension.
  • New feature: Schema Scraper automation extracts all the schema microdata used on a page typically used for search engine rich snippets.
  • New feature: Image Converter automation – Easily convert JPG, PNG and PDF files in bulk inside your workflow.
  • New feature: Google Sheets Import automation- Use any Google Sheet document as a data input inside your workflow.
  • Enhancement: You can now download your workflow results in JSON format
  • Enhancement: Recipe builder now displays a warning if the automatic pagination fails to detect pagination so you can use the advanced pagination instead.
  • Enhancement: You can now receive email notifications when a workflow is ready or has failed featuring direct links to CSV and JSON downloads

1.0 – 13th July 2021

  • Public launch of Hexomatic out of beta

0.7 – 7th July 2021

  • Enhancement: we improved our pagination detection, the way it now works is that you can select the paginated links and it will try and detect the pattern.
  • Enhancement: We improved compatibility rendering for our FAST and Full-stack browsers which should now render websites more reliably than before
  • Enhancement: We now have a manual pagination option so if the automatic option doesn’t detect it, you can now manually specify the pagination URL parameter and the start and end page numbers.
  • Enhancement: Up to now you could automatically capture text, numbers and URLs. We now have an HTML tag option so you can also capture native HTML from a field.
  • New feature: You can now specify HTML CSS selectors manually to zone in to specific fields on a page on a manual basis. This is ideal if our automatic selectors are not able to pick up a field.

0.6 – 29th June 2021

  • New feature: Google translate automation
  • New feature: DeepL translate automation
  • New feature: Google maps automation
  • New feature: content scraper automation enables you to universally scrape the content of any page into structured data
  • New feature: meta tag scraper automation enables you to capture key SEO tags from any page including meta title, description, canonical, robots, opengraph and twitter cards tags.
  • New feature: response code automation enables you to get the HTTP status code and response time for any URL, ideal to check if a page is available and how quickly the server responds.
  • New feature: links scraper automation enables you to capture all the internal / external links found on a page.
  • New feature: word stats automation provides the word count and character count for any page.

0.5 – 24th June 2021

  • New feature: Scraping recipe field previews
  • Improvement: Data input automation now also supports CSV and TXT file upload as well as different text copy paste options. This is ideal to scrape large lists of URLs from files.
  • New feature: sitemap extractor automation enables you to capture all the URLs from a sitemap or scrape a website using its sitemap.
  • New feature: screenshot automation enables you to capture web page screenshots in bulk inside a workflow using one of 8 different device sizes.
  • New feature: extract domain from URL automation enables you to get the root domain of any URL

0.4 – 17th June 2021

  • New feature: Editable scraping recipes
  • New feature: Tech stack automation lets you analyze URLs in bulk to detect 3rd party scripts or technology used on the page.
  • New feature: WHOIS automation provides structured domain ownership, registration, expiry and DNS details for any domain
  • New feature: Traffic insights automation, this is a premium managed automation that provides website level traffic estimations and breakdowns by traffic source.

0.3 – 10th June 2021

  • Big upgrade to our browsing engine used in the scraping recipes section, especially with regards to compatibility with different types of websites using certain JS/CSS combinations.
  • New feature: Launched two browsers inside the scraping recipe builder (FAST and FULL STACK) to handle different types of websites and countermeasures
  • New feature: Launched datacentre IP rotation as standard
  • New feature: Launched proxy add-on with residential and residential geo proxy types available in 1 click no config necessary
  • Bug fixes: Platform wide bug fixes to improve stability

0.2 – 2nd June 2021

  • Post launch bug fixes:
    workflow activation and scheduling
    email scraper automation
    social media links scraper automation
    chaining of automations
    scraping recipe url selector
    google sheet sync

0.1 – 21th May 2021 – Early access launch

  • Launched our early access beta onboarding our first customers