Follow our latest Hexomatic product and development updates.

1.77 – 5th April 2024

  • Improvement: Big upgrade to our web scraping engine, with 40% higher success rate on problematic URLS.

1.76 – 3rd April 2024

  • New feature: New Text and image scraper automation, for easy capturing of text and multiple images from any page.

1.75 – 29th March 2024

  • New feature: New Google Gemini Ultra automation, the smartest Google AI model so far.

1.74 – 30th January 2024

  • New feature: New ChatGPT Vision automation, to add eyes to your Hexomatic workflows.

1.73 – 18th December 2023

  • New feature: New Google Gemini Pro automation

1.72 – 8th December 2023

  • Improvement: Big upgrade to our scraping and automation engine, enabling more parallel concurrency for faster workflows.

1.71 – 21st November 2023

  • New feature: New ChatGPT-4 Turbo 128K automation

1.70 – 29th September 2023

  • New feature: New ChatGPT 4 automation launched, ideal for automating longer form content with better reasoning and creative skills.

1.69 – 3rd August 2023

  • New feature: New Bard AI automation launched that supports generative AI powered by the Google search index inside your workflows. Automate human tasks and tap into recent data at scale.

1.68 – 7th July 2023

  • New feature: Workflow export preferences now saved automatically

1.67 – 23rd June 2023

  • New feature: New automation launched with support for the 16K token version of ChatGPT 3.5, which enables ChatGPT to process and output 4X as much data. This version is ideal for tasks requiring longer prompts, for example passing entire documents for ChatGPT to process, or for tasks requiring ChatGPT to output longer form content.

1.66 – 10th June 2023

  • Improvement: Big UI improvement to make it easier than ever to create new workflows.

1.65 – 18th May 2023

  • New Feature: Multi-source capability added to our ChatGPT automation enabling you to pass multiple data sources inside ChatGPT tasks from your workflow.

1.64 – 13rd April 2023

  • New Feature: We have released our ChatGPT automation enabling you to automate ChatGPT tasks inside your Hexomatic workflows at scale.

1.63 – 5th April 2023

  • Enhancement: Hexomatic has a new scraping recipe builder that suggests fields you can capture by analyzing existing scraping recipes created by our community.
  • Enhancement: New website design has been deployed for Hexomatic.

1.62 – 24th October 2022

  • New Feature: New Mobile Friendly Checker automation to enable you bulk check if URLs are mobile-friendly.
  • Enhancement: 12 new 1-click scraping recipes added to our Recipe Library, including Jomashop,BizBuySell, Feedspot, and more.

1.61 – 10th October 2022

  • Enhancement: New 1-click scraping recipes are added to the recipe library, including IMDb, SimplyHired, Surfdome, and more.
  • Enhancement: Phone number scraper automation has been updated so that users can run it in standard or fast mode. Additionally, this automation now allows you to set a limit on the number of results per domain.
  • Enhancement: The Email verification (EasyDMARC) automation has been enhanced to run faster.

1.60 – 3rd October 2022

  • Enhancement: New 1-click scraping recipes are added to the recipe library, including Indiehackers, Kijiji, Gumtree, and more.
  • Enhancement: The Ukrainian language is now available for the DeepL translator.

1.59 – 23rd September 2022

  • Enhancement: New 1-click scraping recipes are added to the recipe library, including Booking, Bestbuy, Flipkart, and more.

1.58 – 12th September 2022

  • Enhancement: Discover Tech Stack automation has been upgraded allowing you to check websites for more than 3000 tech stacks.

1.57 – 5th September 2022

  • Enhancement: The UI of our public scraping recipe library is polished and added 1-click buttons to easily start workflows from these.
  • Enhancement: 14 new templates are added to the public scraping recipe library.
  • Enhancement: Google Drive (Export/Sync) automation is improved, enabling you to add multiple inputs as the source.

1.56 – 29th August 2022

  • New feature: Our brand new public scraping library provides ready-made templates built by our community and team to make it easier than ever to scrape common websites.
  • Enhancement: Our data input automation now enables you to map columns from your imported CSV file into Hexomatic.

1.55 – 22nd August 2022

  • New feature: Rename file automation
  • Enhancement: Better scraping recipe selectors
  • Enhancement: More platforms added to discover profile automation
  • Enhancement: Workflow library now accessible from the dashboard

1.54 – 15th August 2022

  • New feature: Website categorization automation helps you classify websites based on their URL.

1.53 – 9th August 2022

  • New feature: Hexospark Automation to send leads automatically to your Hexospark CRM and email outreach campaigns.

1.52 – 28th July 2022

  • Enhancement: Proxy support enabled for our sitemap extractor automation (to prevent blocked requests).
  • Enhancement: 50 New social networks and communities added to our discover profiles automation including Quora, Twitch, and more.

1.51 – 21st July 2022

  • Enhancement: Field selector granularity has been improved, enabling a more precise selection of the elements to scrape in our scraping recipe builder.
  • Enhancement: “Case sensitive” option can be selected or deselected in our Filter data by criteria automation.
  • Enhancement: Email discovery automation now allows multiple filter values to be entered.
  • Enhancement: An option to extract domains from subdomains is added to our Extract domain from URL and Email address automation.

1.50 – 14th July 2022

  • Enhancement: Workflow filters have been improved, so you can personalize the workflows page UX to display workflows by status, automation, tags, and more.
  • Enhancement: 50 more platforms have been added to our Discover profile automation, including Venmo, Zillow, and more.

1.49 – 7th July 2022

  • Enhancement:Two new languages are now available for DeepL translator (Turkish and Indonesian).
  • Enhancement: You can now select custom rows in Google Sheets. Our Google Sheets import automation enables picking a range of rows in addition to the whole row.

1.48 – 1st July 2022

  • Enhancement: You can now save your favorite automation directly on the page of the automation.
  • Enhancement: Dashboard of Hexomatic has been improved further for a better user experience.

1.47 – 23rd June 2022

  • Enhancement: Ability to track traffic for a specific period of time, along with the number of premium credits deducted from an account by using residential proxies.
  • Enhancement: The UX of Hexomatic has been improved. Redesigned chart bars and sidebar make the UX more intuitive and seamless.
  • Enhancement: Discover profile automation was expanded with more than 50 new websites.

1.46 – 17th June 2022

  • Enhancement:Google sheets import automation has been updated, allowing you to import multiple columns.
  • Enhancement: A refresh button has been added to Google Sheets import automation, which lets you see the updates in the automation after updating your Google spreadsheet.
  • Enhancement: Hexomatic extension has been enhanced.
  • Enhancement: Discover profile API and documentation have been improved.

1.45 – 9th June 2022

  • New feature: Discover profile automation has expanded to more platforms, allowing you to search across a wider range of platforms (more than 50 platforms were added for this update).
  • Enhancement: Workflow search bar has become more intuitive and allows you to perform a global search across all automations and scraping recipes.
  • Enhancement: Scraping recipe engine is enhanced, allowing you to reload the last session using the Retry button.
  • Enhancement: Scraping recipe engine now features improved previews, enabling websites with an HTML structure that caused preview issues to have a better and faster preview.

1.44 – 2nd June 2022

  • New feature: Marking your favorite scraping recipes and automations is enabled in Hexomatic.

1.43 – 26th May 2022

  • New feature: New WordPress media upload automation that allows you to upload media files to WordPress in bulk.
  • Enhancement: Improved pagination in our scraping recipe builder, allowing you to handle pagination in cases when the page URL doesn’t physically change.
  • Enhancement: “Enter” custom action is added to our scraping recipe builder. This enables you to perform a “Enter” key press, ideal for website forms where there are no clickable buttons.

1.42 – 19th May 2022

  • New feature: Hexomatic workflows can now be triggered via any Hexowatch change monitor to perform tasks when changes are detected.
  • New feature: Scraping recipe builder is improved, enabling you to scroll specific elements in addition to scrolling the entire page.
  • New feature: Our automations now provide preview information about inputs and outputs, so you will know what to input and what type of outputs to expect before starting the workflow.

1.41 – 12th May 2022

  • New feature: PayPal is now supported as a payment option across Hexomatic, Hexowatch and Hexometer.

1.40 – 5th May 2022

  • Enhancement: Contextual automation suggestions recommending popular automations that go well with your chosen automation inside your workflow.
  • Enhancement: Additional frequency options for scheduling, allowing you to select the most convenient time for running your Hexomatic workflows.
  • Enhancement: Fast or Standard mode option available on several automations (Files & Documents finder Emails scraper, Get page content, Extract links from a page, Pull contact, Social link scraper).
  • Enhancement: More patches were deployed to improve scraping recipes success rates which affected some websites..

1.39 – 21st April 2022

  • New feature: New Amazon product review automation (premium)to take your Amazon research experience to the next level.
  • Enhancement: Additional frequency options for scheduling, allowing you to select the most convenient time for running your Hexomatic workflows.
  • Enhancement: Table and card view access to scheduling options.

1.38 – 15th April 2022

  • Enhancement: Data input automation has a new visual UI and provides simplified access to upload CSV, TXT, IMG, AUDIO, or PDF files.

1.37 – 7th April 2022

  • New feature: Workflow data archiving is added, enabling you to access historical data when running workflows again.
  • Enhancement: Tagging mechanism is improved, allowing you to select multiple tags or find all workflows for a specific tag by clicking the tag.
  • Enhancement: Additional progress data is displayed for a running workflow.

1.36 – 31st March 2022

  • New feature: Resize and compress images automation that lets you resize and compress your images in bulk.
  • New feature: Crop images automation that enables you to easily crop images at scale.
  • Enhancement: A filter results option is added for Email notifications so you can cut through the noise and focus on data that matters.

1.35 – 24th March 2022

  • Enhancement: We have improved our frequently used Find and Replace automation with the option of removing data as well.
  • Enhancement: Discover tech stack automation also received an upgrade enabling you to check for specific tech stack combinations.
  • Enhancement: We have an added filter results option for the following integrations: Slack, Telegram, Discord, Microsoft Teams.

1.34 – 17th March 2022

  • New feature: WordPress automation, enabling to create new posts right from the Hexomatic workflow.

1.33 – 10th March 2022

  • New feature: QR code generator automation.
  • New feature: AI Sentiment analysis automation.
  • New feature: a QR code generator browser extension, which makes it possible to turn any URL into a QR code instantly..
  • New feature: Make,formerly Integromat integration
  • Enhancement: Social links scraper automation can now detect Discord channels.

1.32 – 4th March 2022

  • New feature: Trustpilot Search automation.
  • Enhancement: Find and Replace automation to allow selecting a column (not just typing text) and appending/prepending data on each element in the column.
  • Enhancement: Scraping recipe builder now supports dropdown menus to select options in forms.
  • Enhancement: An option to insert a date/time into the record can be added in Google Sheets (Export/Sync) automation.

1.31 – 26th February 2022

  • New feature: Trip Advisor automation.
  • Enhancement: The sitemap extractor automation now has a URL filter.
  • Enhancement: Workflow sharing via email to other Hexomatic users is now live.
  • Enhancement: Scraping recipes now display a preview image.
  • Enhancement: Scraping recipe preview speed is now faster with up to 50 custom actions.
  • Enhancement: Ready-made workflows organized by sales, marketing, or research tasks.

1.30 – 18th February 2022

  • New feature: Google BigQuery automation (premium) providing access to over 230 public datasets.
  • New feature: Native charting and data visualization capabilities via our Google Data Studio automation.
  • New feature: Scraping recipe sharing, enabling anyone in our community to create and share their recipes with other Hexomatic users.

1.29 – 10th February 2022

  • New feature: Browser extension content analysis tool provides keyword density and text metrics
  • New feature: Browser extension screenshot capture generates full-page screenshots in any device size
  • New feature: Screenshot automation API, enabling you to capture screenshots programmatically

1.28 – 3rd February 2022

  • New feature: Twitter profile automation
  • New feature: Amazon product data automation
  • New feature: Firefox browser extension
  • Enhancement: Workflow scheduling improvements

1.27 – 27th January 2022

  • New feature: WHOIS automation API
  • New feature: Tech stack automation API
  • Enhancement: Improved 1 click ready made workflow library

1.26 – 20th January 2022

  • New feature: 2FA authentication
  • New feature: Integrately integration to send leads or data to 500+ apps.
  • Enhancement: Workflow tagging
  • Enhancement: SQL database IP whitelisting

1.25 – 13th January 2022

  • New feature: Access automations in your browser via our Chrome extension

1.24 – 5th January 2022

  • New feature: Google seller automation
  • New feature: Filter data by criteria automation
  • Enhancement: Grammar and spelling audit now works on free text inside your workflow
  • Enhancement: You can now specify which columns to include when downloading your data
  • Enhancement: Our scraping recipe builder now includes an attribute filter for the HTML field type
  • Enhancement: You can now include multiple find replace automations inside workflows

1.23 – 30th December 2021

  • New feature: Yelp automation
  • New feature: KonnectzIT integration
  • Enhancement: Added option to personalize the name of each integrated account / channel in your settings

1.22 – 22nd December 2021

  • New feature: Zapier integration
  • New feature: Pabbly Connect automation
  • Enhancement: Go to URL added to scraping recipe custom actions
  • Enhancement: Telegram number detection (in our social scraper)
  • Enhancement: Skype number detection (in our social scraper)
  • Enhancement: A “Load more” scraping recipe click action
  • Enhancement: An ignore filter for our crawler automation
  • Enhancement: A refresh option for our Google Sheets automation
  • Enhancement: Optional spreadsheet headers for Google Sheets

1.21 – 16th December 2021

  • New feature: Logo & favicon finder automation
  • New feature: Google Shopping automation
  • New feature: Email validation automation powered by EasyDMARC
  • Enhancement: WCAG 2.0 or WCAG 2.1 standards now available for accessibility audits
  • Enhancement: Custom pagination increment options for scraping recipes
  • Enhancement: CSV importing now reads all the columns
  • Enhancement: URL limit added in the sitemap extractor
  • Enhancement: Support for remotely hosted CSV or TXT files as a data input
  • Enhancement: Spelling & grammar audit now has a delay option

1.20 – 9nd December 2021

  • New feature: Google Drive (export/sync) integration
  • New feature: Malicious URL checker automation
  • Enhancement: Go to URL added to scraping recipe custom actions
  • Enhancement: Improved keyword automation to search within HTML.
  • Enhancement: Improved accessibility audit with better results and logo selection.
  • Enhancement: Search feature added to automations

1.19 – 2nd December 2021

  • New feature: SQL database connector automation, which enables you to connect Hexomatic to any database
  • New feature: Redirect extractor automation enables you to capture the destination URL of any affiliate link or link shortener.
  • Enhancement: Workflow scheduling down to every 30 min, 1h, 3h, 6h and more.
  • Enhancement: A new XPath selector option to our scraping recipe builder.
  • Enhancement: You can now block pop-up modals in our screenshot automation.
  • Enhancement: You can now extract domains from both URL’s and email addresses.
  • Enhancement: Email scraper and discovery automations let you pick how many emails to fetch.

1.18 – 25th November 2021

  • New feature: Google Image search automation lets you scrape Google Image results in a few clicks
  • New feature: AI Document OCR automation provides optical text recognition inside any PDF document
  • New feature: SEO backlink intelligence automation provides top level SEO metrics for any page or domain including number of referring domains, referring backlinks, types of backlinks and more.
  • Enhancement: Text to speech automation just got upgraded to work on multiple fields at a time
  • Enhancement: Card view for public workflows
  • Enhancement: Detailed credit usage summary inside workflow

1.17 – 19th November 2021

  • New feature: Article curator automation to scrape articles from any website
  • New feature: HTML grabber automation enables you to capture the entire HTML of any url.
  • New feature: structured data converter enables you to convert structured data files from one format to another, for ex: XML->CSV or CSV -> JSON etc..
  • New feature: Whitelabeled audit reports with your own logo
  • Enhancement:Platform improvements including new card view for ready made workflows.

1.16 – 12th November 2021

  • New feature: Accessibility audit automation, enables you to audit any web page for accessibility issues against the WCAG 2.1 guidelines and generate a pdf report.
  • New feature: Workflow data preview inside workflows, no need to download a CSV to see your data.
  • New ready made workflow: Audit businesses ranking on Google for accessibility issues
  • New ready made workflow:Audit a list of pages for accessibility issues
  • New ready made workflow: Perform a site-wide accessibility audit
  • Enhancement: We ugraded our Google search automation enabling you to specify organic, paid or both types of results. This is ideal if you want to scrape Google Ads data based on keyword + location.

1.15 – 8th November 2021

  • New feature: New Video Discovery automation in Hexomatic that detects and extracts video links found on Youtube, Vimeo, Rutube, Facebook and Instagram
  • Enhancement: Proxy option added for some of our ready made automations including the email and social scrapers and crawler automation.

1.14 – 28th October 2021

  • New feature: Discover Profiles automation
  • New feature: Pull Contacts automation

1.13 – 19th October 2021

  • New feature: New dashboard UI
  • New feature: Launched refer a friend scheme where you can earn 50 premium credits for you and every friend you refer to a paid plan
  • Improvement: Platform UX improvements

1.12 – 14th October 2021

  • New feature: SEO referring domains automation
  • Improvement: Added 6 new ready made workflow templates in the library

1.11 – 6th October 2021

  • New feature: SEO backlink automation
  • Improvement: Duplicate workflow option
  • Improvement: Duplicate scraping recipe option

1.10 – 24th September 2021

  • New feature: Launch of our ready made workflow library enabling you to deploy campaigns in one click
  • New feature: Guided workflow setup UI
  • New feature: AI based Logo detection automation
  • New feature: Human powered data collection automation

1.9 – 15th September 2021

  • New feature: Regex automation
  • New feature: RSS extractor automation

1.8 – 8th September 2021

  • New feature: find replace automation
  • New feature: xml sitemap generator automation
  • New feature: Yes/no crowdsourced automation
  • New feature: AI vision OCR automation
  • New feature: AI vision image safety automation
  • New feature: AI vision spoof detection automation
  • New feature: AI audio transcription automation
  • Enhancement: translation automation now supports multiple fields
  • Enhancement: UX improvement showing workflow credit usage

1.7 – 31st August 2021

  • New feature: crawler automation
  • New feature: regex added to scraping recipes
  • Enhancement: email & phone number extraction in scraping recipes
  • Enhancement: image labelling improvements
  • Enhancement: email scraper and discovery improvements
  • Enhancement: UX improvements
  • Enhancement: general bug fixes

1.6 – 23rd August 2021

  • New feature: AI image labelling automation
  • New feature: AI text to speech
  • Enhancement: added more email statuses to email scraping automation
  • Enhancement: added anchor text data to link automation
  • Enhancement: Improved workflow UX

1.5 – 17th August 2021

  • New feature: spelling & grammar audit automation
  • New feature: Bing search automation
  • Enhancement: Delay + custom height options added to our screenshot capture automation
  • Enhancement: Bulk run workflows
  • Enhancement: Selector based content scraping added to Get page content automation
  • Enhancement: Workflow statuses now update dynamically without needing a refresh
  • Enhancement: Translate to many languages at once using Translation automations

1.4 – 9th August 2021

  • New feature: Email address Validation – checks whether an email address is valid.
  • New feature: Files compressor- combines files into a single zipped folder.
  • New feature: Phone number scraper – finds phone numbers from web pages.
  • Mathematical operations – performs basic arithmetic operations.
  • Webhooks – sends data to any application via webhooks.

1.3 – 3rd August 2021

  • New feature: Duplicate remover automation
  • New feature: Email discovery automation
  • New feature: Amazon product seller automation to get all the competing sellers for any Amazon ASIN in any Amazon marketplace including price, condition and rating.

1.2 – 26th July 2021

  • New feature: keyword finder automation looks for the presence or absence of any keyword or phrase in the HTML of a page. This is ideal to look for specific scripts or mentions on a page.
  • New feature: Currency converter automation (featuring live exchange data)
  • New feature: Crypto currency converter automation(featuring live exchange data)
  • New feature: Amazon product search automation
  • Scraping recipe builder enhancement: Native ad / modal pop-up blocking
  • Scraping recipe builder enhancement: Scroll
  • Scraping recipe builder enhancement: Delay
  • Scraping recipe builder enhancement: Custom cookies
  • Scraping recipe builder enhancement: Refresh
  • Scraping recipe builder enhancement: Element blocking
  • Scraping recipe builder enhancement: Password input
  • Scraping recipe builder enhancement:Local storage of browser values
  • Scraping recipe builder enhancement: Improved automatic pagination
  • Bug fixes
  • Enhancement: Better anti bot countermeasures

1.1 – 20th July 2021

  • New feature: File & Documents Finder automation enables you to find all the urls in a page that match a specific file or document extension.
  • New feature: Schema Scraper automation extracts all the schema microdata used on a page typically used for search engine rich snippets.
  • New feature: Image Converter automation – Easily convert JPG, PNG and PDF files in bulk inside your workflow.
  • New feature: Google Sheets Import automation- Use any Google Sheet document as a data input inside your workflow.
  • Enhancement: You can now download your workflow results in JSON format
  • Enhancement: Recipe builder now displays a warning if the automatic pagination fails to detect pagination so you can use the advanced pagination instead.
  • Enhancement: You can now receive email notifications when a workflow is ready or has failed featuring direct links to CSV and JSON downloads

1.0 – 13th July 2021

  • Public launch of Hexomatic out of beta

0.7 – 7th July 2021

  • Enhancement: we improved our pagination detection, the way it now works is that you can select the paginated links and it will try and detect the pattern.
  • Enhancement: We improved compatibility rendering for our FAST and Full-stack browsers which should now render websites more reliably than before
  • Enhancement: We now have a manual pagination option so if the automatic option doesn’t detect it, you can now manually specify the pagination URL parameter and the start and end page numbers.
  • Enhancement: Up to now you could automatically capture text, numbers and URLs. We now have an HTML tag option so you can also capture native HTML from a field.
  • New feature: You can now specify HTML CSS selectors manually to zone in to specific fields on a page on a manual basis. This is ideal if our automatic selectors are not able to pick up a field.

0.6 – 29th June 2021

  • New feature: Google translate automation
  • New feature: DeepL translate automation
  • New feature: Google maps automation
  • New feature: content scraper automation enables you to universally scrape the content of any page into structured data
  • New feature: meta tag scraper automation enables you to capture key SEO tags from any page including meta title, description, canonical, robots, opengraph and twitter cards tags.
  • New feature: response code automation enables you to get the HTTP status code and response time for any URL, ideal to check if a page is available and how quickly the server responds.
  • New feature: links scraper automation enables you to capture all the internal / external links found on a page.
  • New feature: word stats automation provides the word count and character count for any page.

0.5 – 24th June 2021

  • New feature: Scraping recipe field previews
  • Improvement: Data input automation now also supports CSV and TXT file upload as well as different text copy paste options. This is ideal to scrape large lists of URLs from files.
  • New feature: sitemap extractor automation enables you to capture all the URLs from a sitemap or scrape a website using its sitemap.
  • New feature: screenshot automation enables you to capture web page screenshots in bulk inside a workflow using one of 8 different device sizes.
  • New feature: extract domain from URL automation enables you to get the root domain of any URL

0.4 – 17th June 2021

  • New feature: Editable scraping recipes
  • New feature: Tech stack automation lets you analyze URLs in bulk to detect 3rd party scripts or technology used on the page.
  • New feature: WHOIS automation provides structured domain ownership, registration, expiry and DNS details for any domain
  • New feature: Traffic insights automation, this is a premium managed automation that provides website level traffic estimations and breakdowns by traffic source.

0.3 – 10th June 2021

  • Big upgrade to our browsing engine used in the scraping recipes section, especially with regards to compatibility with different types of websites using certain JS/CSS combinations.
  • New feature: Launched two browsers inside the scraping recipe builder (FAST and FULL STACK) to handle different types of websites and countermeasures
  • New feature: Launched datacentre IP rotation as standard
  • New feature: Launched proxy add-on with residential and residential geo proxy types available in 1 click no config necessary
  • Bug fixes: Platform wide bug fixes to improve stability

0.2 – 2nd June 2021

  • Post launch bug fixes:
    workflow activation and scheduling
    email scraper automation
    social media links scraper automation
    chaining of automations
    scraping recipe url selector
    google sheet sync

0.1 – 21th May 2021 – Early access launch

  • Launched our early access beta onboarding our first customers

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