HexomaticplugMicrosoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a business communication platform developed by Microsoft, helping to bring people together. It can be used for bringing together teammates on a project or simply discussing your work schedule. According to user reviews, Teams streamlines work and helps to save time.

To connect Microsoft Teams to Hexomatic, be sure to have the Microsoft Teams application installed on your device before clicking on connect.


Go to the settings page


Click <connect with Microsoft Teams >


Sign in to your Microsoft Teams account


Go to the APPs


Search for "Incoming Webhooks"


"Add to a Team" and "Set up a connector"


Copy the generated Webhook URL and paste it under the webhook section in Hexomatic

Send data and get notifications in your Microsoft Teams space with Hexomatic

Hexomatic allows you to keep your team updated in real-time using Microsoft Teams integration. It enables sending data and receiving notifications when your workflow completes.

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