Automate time consuming tech stack and competitor analysis with Hexomatic

Hexomatic is a unique work automation platform that enables you to tap into 100+ ready made automations to create your perfect workflow.
Discover the technologies running on any website, find contact details, perform audits and more on autopilot.
Hexomatic provides cost effective competitor research at scale via a simple point and click interface.
tech stack analysis
tech stack analysis

How does tech stack analysis work?

Our free tool detects 1000’s of different technologies used on any website including coding frameworks, analytics tracking services, tracking pixels, marketing tools, CMS or server stacks.

Empower your sales and marketing teams with technology insights

Tech stack detection enables you to find out what websites are built with, what new apps your competitors are using and understand the needs of potential prospects.
With Hexomatic you can instantly reveal the technology used and enrich the data with contact details, social media profiles, capture screenshots, perform SEO audits and more at scale like never before.

Tech Stack Analyzer FAQ