Improve content SEO performance and engagement metrics by optimizing your content

Keyword density and semantic variations help search engines understand the topic and relevance of your content and can have an impact on your search engine rankings.
Mention a keyword too many times and you could trigger an over-optimization penalty, instead aim to cover the topic via different terms users may use to find your product or service.
Our content analysis tool performs an in-depth check of non-common keywords and all keywords to help you understand the keyword frequency and density in your content.
We also provide word count, letter count, and reading time to help you optimize your content for optimal engagement and topic coverage.
Grammar & spelling page audit
Grammar & spelling page audit

Perform comprehensive site-wide content audits with Hexomatic

Upgrade to a paid Hexomatic plan to access site-wide content metrics and advanced research audits to evaluate and optimize your landing pages for optimal SEO performance.
Hexomatic is a unique work automation platform that enables you to tap into 100+ ready-made automations to perform content, spelling, grammar, or accessibility audits in minutes and delegate time-consuming sales, marketing, or research tasks.

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