How many hours will you need to extract a specific type of information from a lengthy text? What about summarizing it? Well, first you'll need to read the whole text in order to summarize, but not when you're using Hexomatic's workflows!

With Hexomatic, you can perform any human tasks at scale, simply write a prompt for the workflow, and Hexomatic will do it for you in seconds based on the data provided!

This workflow also allows you to get fresh data sourced from Google search results, making it an ideal alternative to ChatGPT which is limited to pre-2021 data.

Automate and scale time-consuming tasks like never before

Create your own bots in minutes to extract data from any website and leverage 100+ ready made automations to scale time consuming tasks on autopilot.

Hexomatic works 24/7 from the cloud, no complex software or coding required.

Hexomatic. The no-code, data extraction