Understanding and organizing content is essential for effective lead generation and competitor analysis. This is also a popular task used to understand your customers better, by analyzing their website and business activity.

Hexomatic will simplify the process of website categorization, allowing you to classify a list of URLs in seconds. This workflow is perfect for the ones who don't want to waste their time on boring tasks and need to classify websites automatically, saving their precious time on other activities.

Thanks to this workflow, you will no longer have to visit each website and try to guess the website category from the existing content as Hexomatic will do it for you in no time!

Automate and scale time-consuming tasks like never before

Create your own bots in minutes to extract data from any website and leverage 100+ ready made automations to scale time consuming tasks on autopilot.

Hexomatic works 24/7 from the cloud, no complex software or coding required.

Hexomatic. The no-code, data extraction