How many times have you tried to download logos and favicons from a number of websites to personalize your outreach and reports but ended up wasting hours on this simple but boring task?

With Hexomatic, you will no longer have to spend your precious time on this task as our workflow will do it for you! Simply provide the list of URLs and Hexomatic will do the rest.

Hexomatic locates logos and favicons associated with the provided URLs, allowing you to download, display, or integrate them into your digital assets.

This workflow is especially great for web designers looking to streamline design elements and marketing specialists engaged in various marketing and branding activities.

Automate and scale time-consuming tasks like never before

Create your own bots in minutes to extract data from any website and leverage 100+ ready made automations to scale time consuming tasks on autopilot.

Hexomatic works 24/7 from the cloud, no complex software or coding required.

Hexomatic. The no-code, data extraction