Early Access: Week #6 Updates

It’s Week #6 of Hexomatic early access and I’ve got a feature packed update to share with you closing Q2 with a bang ⚡.

🌐 To help you leverage global opportunities at scale we just launched two machine translation automations:

Google Translate has the largest language selection and is great for entry level translations

DeepL premium offers one of the best translation engines with the ability to set formal/informal styles

With these new automations you can translate scraped data inside an automation or upload a CSV /TXT file to bulk translate product descriptions, ad creatives, social media posts, blog posts, and more at scale using premium credits on a convenient per char basis.

📍 Google Maps is a huge source of B2B data but it can be problematic to scrape manually. We just rolled out a premium Google Maps automation which does the work for you providing tons of data points and is continually monitored and updated by our team to reflect any Google Maps HTML/structure changes 👍

Next we have just rolled out 5 new built-in automations: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

👉 The Get content automation enables you to universally scrape the content of any page into structured data.

👉 The meta tag automation enables you to scrape key SEO tags from any page including meta title, description, canonical, robots, opengraph and twitter cards tags.

👉 The response code automation enables you to get the HTTP status code and response time for any URL, ideal to check if a page is available and how quickly the server responds.

👉 The links scraper automation enables you to capture all the internal / external links found on a page.

👉 The word stats automation provides the word count and character count for any page.