Month: December 2021

Hexomatic Updates: Yelp automation + KonnectzIT integration

Big news, we just launched our ready-made Yelp automation, enabling you to tap into one of the biggest local business web directories in the world šŸš€.

Whilst you can currently create scraping recipes for websites like Yelp, our premium automation provides simple 1 click access to 32 different geographic locations including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, and more.

Hexomatic Updates: Google Drive integration + check for malware

Two weeks ago we held a poll in our Facebook group to figure out which cloud storage provider to integrate first. Thanks to all who voted and shared their suggestions ā¤ļøā¤ļøā¤ļø.

Today Iā€™m happy to announce that Google Drive (export/sync) was the most requested option and is now live šŸŽ‰.

Hexomatic Updates: SQL integration + tons of new features deployed

Today I have some exciting updates to share including two new built-in automations and a ton of platform improvements šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„.

First up we have the SQL database connector automation, which enables you to connect Hexomatic to any database and use the query response as a data input.

This opens up a lot of opportunities to connect to your own apps šŸš€.