Early Access: Week #3 Updates

It’s Week #3 and our team has just rolled out some exciting updates to Hexomatic!

Before we get to these, a big thanks for the feedback, bug reports, encouragement and ideas.

It’s amazing to be able to build something truly unique and have you guys part of the development process.

🖥️ First up our team has been busy working on improving our browsing engine used in the scraping recipes section, especially with regards to compatibility with different types of websites using certain JS/CSS combinations.

To improve compatibility even further you can now choose from two different “web browsers” when creating a scraping recipe to preview the page:

👉 Fast (uses our custom browser tuned for stealth, speed and efficiency. Some websites using JS or certain DOM elements may not render though)

👉 Full stack (uses a full stack version of our custom browser tuned for compatibility. This is slower and might get higher detection)If you encounter any issues with page rendering affecting your ability to scrape elements on the page simply switch browsers to see if this fixes the issue.

📡 Next, our proxy add-on is live and you can access it when creating a scraping recipe.Proxies are ideal if you encounter any websites blocking our crawler and you now have access to the following options:

  • Data Center (Free) Each call uses our internal datacentre IP rotation
  • Residential ( 0.1 premium credits / MB) Provides a random residential IP address
  • Residential GEO (0.12 premium credits / MB) Provides a random country specific residential IP address

The great thing about our premium proxies is that you can mix and match based on your tasks and simply use premium credits on a per MB usage basis.

We are making Proxies free to try for the next 7 days, and will start counting proxy traffic usage from next week 👍

⚡ Next, our team squashed bugs that affected certain pages or automation combinations. We still have some edge cases but these improvements should make Hexomatic a lot more stable and with the new browsers and proxy integration unlock a lot more websites.

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