How to find B2B leads by scraping Google search results (1)

How to find B2B leads by scraping Google search results

Google has one the largest and freshest indexes of the internet with data updated every minute or less. If you are in the B2B space, the right search parameters can turn Google into a powerful resource for finding fresh new leads for your business.

In this short tutorial we are going to run through how you can use Google to find B2B leads in any industry and how you can scale this growth hack using Hexomatic to fill up your sales pipeline in no time.

How to unlock the power of Google using advanced search parameters

Google search operators are commands you can use to extend the capabilities of regular text searches in Google to refine your search and get better results.

Let’s explore some useful search operators you can combine:

Force an exact match

“Search term” 

This refines the search results by only including exact matches for the term excluding synonyms or potentially related terms

Boolean operator: OR

Dentist OR orthodontist

This enables you to get search results that match either one or another condition

Boolean operator: AND

Dentist AND orthodontist

This enables you to get search results that match all conditions

Add a wildcard *

Dental * LA

This enables you to add a wildcard between two terms, for example matching: Dental office LA or Dental insurance LA etc.

Target match keywords in the URL

Inurl: insurance

This operator enables you to only get results that contain your keyword in their url

Group operators and control how a search is performed

(Dentist OR orthodontist) Los Angeles

This enables you to specify how conditions should apply in your search query.

Limit your search to a specific website or url structure 

This enables you for example to only get search results from a specific website.

Finding businesses with keywords in the title tag of their website 

Intitle: dentist chicago

Returns pages that contain dentist or chicago in their title

Finding email addresses of prospects via Google + ""+ "Growth Hacker"

Finding businesses with multiple keywords in the title tag of their website

allintitle: dentist chicago 

Returns pages that contain dentist AND chicago in their title

Finding businesses with specific anchor text links

Allinanchor: email 

This is useful to get pages that contain specific types of links, for example in this case it will return pages which have an email link containing an email address.

Specify a specific geographic area

“Dentist NY”

Simply add the geographic location you want to target and Google will help filter the results by location.

Exclude a term from the search results


This will exclude all pages that contain the term salary, ideal for removing certain types of websites from the search results like review aggregators, shopping portals, recruitment etc…

Save time with these useful search combinations

Here are a few handy combinations to get laser targeted leads from Google, simply use these or combine the above operators to fine tune search results for your usecase.

Get businesses that operate in a specific geographical location for any niche excluding glassdoor review type sites

allintitle: dentist NY -salary

Get specific leads from LinkedIn by geography, industry and title. AND "ecommerce" AND "Sales director" AND "New York"

How to capture all the Google search results to a CSV or Google Sheet with Hexomatic

Manually going through Google search results is time consuming, save time with the Hexomatic Google search automation which enables specify your search query, geographic location and download a CSV or Google Sheet featuring the top 100-700 search results for any query.

To get started simply create a new blank workflow and add the Google search premium automation.

Next click run.

When your workflow has finished running, you will be able to download a CSV file containing all the Google search results, titles, descriptions, urls, cache urls as well as the ranking position of each listing.

How to find leads with Google search and enrich each result with email addresses and social media profiles

Hexomatic enables you to create your own workflow combining different data sources extracting key data points you can use to prioritise your leads and get in touch with prospects.

In this short tutorial we will show you how you can combine the following automations into one workflow:

-Finding leads using the Google search automation
-Finding email addresses using the email scraper automation
-Finding social media profiles using the social media profile automation

All this can be setup in a few minutes, saving hours of manual research time.

Let’s get started:

Step 1: Create a new workflow

Step 2: Add the Google search automation

In this example we will be searching for Dentists in NY excluding review websites. To do this use this search query targeting the US search results:

allintitle: dentist NY -salary

Step 3: Find emails

Add the email scraper automation to your workflow using the URL field as the source.

Step 4: Find social media handles (optional)

Add the social media scraper automation to your workflow using the URL field as the source.

Step 5: Run your workflow and grab a cup of coffee

Lastly you can run your workflow now or run on a schedule (for ex: monthly to get fresh data).

This can take a few hours to run depending on how many prospects you’re looking for and once your workflow has completed you will be able to download a CSV file containing all your leads ready for prospecting.

Automate & scale time-consuming tasks like never before

Hexomatic. The no-code, point and click work automation platform.

Harness the internet as your own data source, build your own scraping bots and leverage ready made automations to delegate time consuming tasks and scale your business.

No coding or PhD in programming required.

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