Hexomatic Updates: 4 New Automations + Platform Improvements

It’s been a busy week at Hexomatic HQ and I’ve got some exciting updates to share 🔥

First up we just deployed 4 new built in automations ⚡

File & Documents Finder – This automation enables you to find all the urls in a page that match a specific file or document extension.

Schema Scraper – This automation extracts all the schema microdata used on a page typically used for search engine rich snippets.

Image Converter – Easily convert JPG, PNG and PDF files in bulk.

Google Sheets Import – Use any Google Sheet document as a data input inside your workflow.

Next up we also deployed improvements to the platform 🚀

👉You can now download your workflow results in JSON format
👉Recipe builder now displays a warning if the automatic pagination option fails
👉You can now receive email notifications when a workflow is ready or has failed featuring direct links to CSV and JSON downloads

Lastly, we created three new video tutorials to help you scrape directories, perform two step scraping of listings and leverage Google to find and enrich leads on autopilot 💪


Have a great week ahead!