Hexomatic Updates: Spelling & Grammar audit + Google News + Bing search automations now live

I’m happy to announce our very first “Audit” automation which enables you to run a spelling and grammar audit on any web page inside your workflow. 🔥🔥🔥

Our first beta version supports 30+ languages and creates a visual report in PNG format highlighting all the potential mistakes on the page. 🚀

We have big plans in this area, can’t wait to share more info.

Next our team deployed a ton of new features including:

⭐ A brand new Google News automation

⭐ Bing search automation

⭐ Delay + custom height options added to our screenshot capture automation

⭐ Selector based content scraping added to our Get page content automation

⭐ Translate to many languages at once using our Translation automations

⭐ Bulk run workflows

⭐ Workflow statuses now update dynamically without needing a page refresh

You can find all these updates in your dashboard!