Hexomatic Updates – Your very own crawler inside your workflow

Our developers just deployed an epic new Hexomatic built-in automation that enables you to crawl an entire website inside your workflow.  🚀

This opens up a lot of useful use cases including:

  • Capturing SEO meta tags or word counts for all pages for analysis
  • Looking for contact details across an entire website
  • Finding all pages or links from a website
  • Running sitewide browser display tests & screenshot captures
  • Finding and downloading all images, files or documents for an entire website
  • Auditing an entire website for spelling or grammar errors
  • Looking for specific keyword or phrases

Simply place the crawler automation at the start of your workflow specifying the website domain and combine with our ready made automations to make the magic happen. ⚡

Next we deployed a ton of updates and improvements including:

⭐ Use regular expressions in our scraping recipe builder
⭐ Email and Phone number capture in our scraping recipe builder
⭐ More data in our grammar & spelling automation
⭐ Image labelling improvements
⭐ Email scraper and discovery improvements
⭐ UX improvements for workflows showing scheduling status
⭐ General bug fixes

Have a great week ahead, I look forward to sharing more updates soon

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