Hexomatic Updates: Our new workflow library is live + 2 new automations

This week I have some exciting updates designed to help make Hexomatic even easier to use.

First up we just launched our workflow library, this enables you to tap into ready made workflows in a few clicks! ⚡

Next we now have a guided workflow setup, this provides compatible starting points for your workflow including using a ready made workflow from our library, a data input, an automation or a scraping recipe. ⚡

To ensure you see these new features, please perform a hard refresh in your browser on the workflows page using holding down Ctrl and clicking the reload button on windows or holding down Shift + clicking the reload button.

We also deployed two brand new automations: 🚀

⭐ AI logo detection automation enables you to look for known logos in any image, ideal if you’re dealing with user generated content.

⭐ Our human powered data collection automation enables you to tap into our crowdsourced team like a human scraper to handle difficult data collection tasks.

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