Hexomatic Updates – Discover profiles & Pull contacts automations are live

Last week I mentioned our entire company took part in our first Hackathon.

This was a fun opportunity to try new ideas and get everyone involved in the creation process from research, design and build.

Today I’m happy to announce the first two projects our teams developed:

⚡ First up we have the Discover Profile automation.

This works like a private investigator enabling you to find social media profiles across 200+ websites.

Simply provide a username or email address and you’ll be able to find all the communities or networks your prospects are involved in, so you can compliment their epic Unsplash library or Github contributions to name a few!

⚡ Next we have the Pull Contacts automation.

Simply provide any URL to detect contact details including email, phone numbers and social media profiles via one automation.

Together these automations make it easier than ever to get in touch and stand out from the crowd when performing cold outreach.

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