Announcing the universal article scraper + 2 new automations

Today I have a jam packed update for you to take your scraping to the next level 🚀

First up we just deployed three new built-in automations 🔥🔥🔥:

⭐ The article curator automation works just like instapaper enabling you to capture the article text from any URL plus provides author, images and even creates a summary.

Unlike a scraping recipe, this works universally on most blog posts and news articles.

⭐ The HTML grabber automation enables you to capture the entire HTML of any url.

⭐ The structured data converter enables you to convert structured data files from one format to another, for ex: XML->CSV or CSV -> JSON etc..

Next up, whitelabelling of audit reports is here! ⚡

You can now replace our Hexomatic logo with yours inside our accessibility pdf audits reports. Simply upload your logo in your account settings. This feature is available on all Silver and above plans.

Platform and UI improvements 💡

Lastly, apart from more platform improvements we now have a card view for our ready made workflows, making it easy to see all the available workflows available.

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