Hexomatic updates- Easier workflow creation, faster scraping, and more

This week our team has worked on a ton of updates that will make your journey with Hexomatic smoother, faster, and even more productive.

Here’s what’s new:

⭐ We have significantly improved the process of creating and using workflows, making it easier and faster. Further updates and enhancements are coming soon to make the user experience even better.

⭐ You can now duplicate selected elements in the scraping recipes. In addition, date element type has been added to the scraping recipe builder, allowing you to scrape dates in different formats.

⭐ Our data input automation now allows you to upload JSON files in addition to CSV, TXT, IMG, AUDIO, or PDF files.

⭐ You can now leave us your feedback, suggestions, and ideas directly from your dashboard. We appreciate your feedback, and it will help us take our products to the next level 📩. 

You can find all the updates in your dashboard.

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