How to spy on your competitors best referring backlinks and domains - guide

How to spy on your competitors’ best-referring backlinks and domains

Effective SEO requires a solid flow of high-quality backlinks.

Unfortunately, many companies miss backlinking opportunities by not paying attention to publishers and resources already linking to their competitors.

Hexomatic makes it easy to identify your competitors’ best backlinks so you can replicate their strategy, with no need for 3rd party SEO tools.

This tutorial will show you how you can find your competitors’ best-referring backlinks and domains in minutes and make your SEO effective:

Step 1: Create a new workflow

From your dashboard, create a new workflow by choosing the “blank” option. Then, select Data automation as a starting point.

Step 2: Add the website URL

Next, add your competitors’ domain name. You can either use the Manual paste/list of inputs option to add website URLs manually or upload a CSV file containing the URLs.

We recommend starting with the root domain of one of your competitors, for example

Step 3: Add the backlink intelligence automation

Add the backlink intelligence automation, selecting data input as the source. Choose the fields for the check from the dropdown menu, select the Explore mode (Domain/Webpage) and the status type of the backlinks (Live/Lost/All).

After filling in all the required fields, click Continue.

Step 4: Run the workflow

You can click Run now to run the workflow.

Step 5: View and save the results

Once the workflow has finished running, you can view the results and export them to CSV or Google Sheets. 

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