Hexomatic Updates – Discover more profiles + better scraping

In the past week, our team has been hard at work bringing you more UX improvements and other platform updates to make using Hexomatic faster and more productive.

Here’s what’s new:

⭐  Discover profile automation has expanded to more platforms, allowing you to search across a wider range of platforms (more than 50 platforms were added for this update).

⭐ We’ve revamped our workflow search bar to make it more intuitive and allow you to perform a global search across all automations and scraping recipes.

⭐  Scraping recipe engine is enhanced, allowing you to reload the last session using the Retry button. 

⭐ Lastly, our scraping recipe engine now features improved previews, enabling websites with an HTML structure that caused preview issues to have a better and faster preview.

You can find all the updates in your dashboard.

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