How to scrape Reddit - tutorial

How to scrape Reddit

Reddit is one of the largest social content platforms, competing with the likes of Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. 

Currently, Reddit has over 430 million monthly active users, and 48% of traffic comes from organic keyword searches.

Scraping data from Reddit can be useful for a range of purposes, including keeping track of the discussions about your brand, discovering your main competitors, generating ideas, getting articles and images to present to your readers in a new way, and more. 

Getting that much information manually is nearly impossible.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to scrape data from Reddit at scale on autopilot using Hexomatic.

How to scrape reviews from Reddit

In this section, we will show you how to scrape reviews in a few clicks.

Step 1: Create a new scraping recipe

Go to your dashboard and create a blank scraping recipe.

scraping recipe

Step 2: Add the web page URL

Add the URL of your targeted web page and click Preview. It is recommended to use the Full-stack browser mode for better results. 

Step 3: Select elements to scrape

After previewing the web page, you can select the elements to scrape. 

In this case, we are scraping product reviews, including the review title, body, URL, etc. 

After selecting all the elements, Save the scraping recipe.

How to scrape the list of subreddits

Scraping subreddits enables you to find all the available subreddits matching a keyword from Reddit.

In this section, we will show you how to easily scrape subreddits with Hexomatic.

Step 1: Create a blank scraping recipe

Create a new scraping recipe and add the web page URL. Then click Preview. 

Step 2: Select elements to scrape 

If you want to scrape all the elements of the given web page, you need to select the element, then click “select all” to capture all the matching elements. 

After selecting all the necessary elements, Save the recipe. 

Run the scraped data in a workflow

You can use the scraped Reddit data for different purposes by running it in a workflow.

For example, you can run sentiment analysis to understand the tone of the content.

Step 1: Create a new workflow

As a first step, you need to go to your dashboard and create a new blank workflow.

Step 2: Add the scraping recipe

Add the previously created scraping recipe. In this case, we are adding the subreddits scraping recipe. 

Optional Step 3: Add the AI sentiment analysis automation

Want to understand if a post is positive or negative? Use our optional AI sentiment analysis automation to check these on autopilot selecting the source ( in this case, we choose the Body of the content), the source type (in our case it’s text), and the language of the source. 

Step 4: Run or schedule the workflow

Click run to run your workflow or schedule it for a more convenient time.

Step 5: View and save the results

Once the workflow has finished running, you can view the results and export them to CSV or Google Sheets.

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