hexomatic updates

Hexomatic Updates – 1-click scraping for IMDb, SimplyHired, Surfdome, and more

Quick heads up on this week’s Hexomatic updates. 

Our team has added 11 new 1-click public scraping recipes to our recipe library including:

⭐ IMDb (movie listing page, single movie page)

⭐ Surfdome (brand listing page, product listing page, single product page)

⭐ Hardware World (product listing page, single product page)

⭐ Working Nomads (remote jobs listing, single job posting page)

⭐ SimplyHired (jobs listing page, single job posting page).

Next, we have updated our phone number scraper automation so that you can run it in standard or fast mode. The fast mode speeds up page loading but may lead to lower success rates. Additionally, this automation now allows you to set a limit on the number of results per domain.

Last but not least, the Email verification (EasyDMARC) automation has been enhanced to run faster. 

You can find all the updates in your dashboard

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