How to remove blank rows in Excel & Google Sheets

How to Remove Blank Rows in Excel & Google Sheets

Working with spreadsheets often leads to the unintentional creation of clutter, especially when copying and pasting data. These blank rows can disrupt the flow of your information and make your spreadsheet appear less polished and messy. 

In this tutorial, we’ll guide you on how to delete both individual and bulk blank rows in Excel.

Removing individual blank rows

When working on your spreadsheet, you may notice a stray blank row. Here’s a quick way to tidy up as you go:

1. Click on the number of the row you want to delete.

2. Right-click on the selected row numbers.

3. Choose “Delete rows” from the context menu.

Deleting all blank rows at once

Dealing with a large dataset? The COUNTA formula can come to your rescue by identifying completely blank rows. Simply follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Add a new column, let’s call it “Blanks” (whatever you like, just make sure you remember it)

2. In the first row of the “Blanks” column, enter the formula: =COUNTA(A2:C2) (adjust the cell range as needed).

3. Copy the formula down the entire column. You can do this by dragging the corner of the cell or using the keyboard shortcut (Shift + Ctrl/Command + Enter).

Now, let’s filter and delete those messy blank rows:

4. Click the square between the row and column titles to select all your data.

5. Go to the Data toolbar and click “Create a filter.”

6. Buttons will appear at the top of each column. Click the one above the “Blanks” column.

In the filter menu, unselect all options, then click the checkbox next to “0” to display only rows with a count of 0 in the “Blanks” column.

7. Select the visible blank rows, right-click, and choose “Delete selected rows.”

Voila! Your spreadsheet is now clean and free of unnecessary blank rows. Feel free to incorporate these steps into your Excel workflow for a more organized and professional look.

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