How to get the tech stack used for any website - tutorial

How to get technology stack data for any website in bulk

Websites tend to rely on a wide range of different technology stacks, 3rd party libraries and services. This type of information can be incredibly useful to provide an edge when researching websites, sales and marketing.

In this short tutorial we will walk you through how you can analyze any website using Hexomatic’s tech stack automation to get insider insights in minutes at scale.

What is a tech stack and how can your business benefit from these insights?

From a top level perspective, the tech stack of a website can provide a lot of information about the services and tools used by a business. For example:

-Does the website use Google analytics?
-Does the website use a live chat solution or rely on email support?
-Does the website perform any landing page A/B or multi variate testing?
-Does the website rely on any 3rd party libraries or extensions?

If you are a services provider you could use this information to spot gaps, upsell opportunities or prepare your pitch based on what products a prospective client is already using. If you are a business owner, this article might be one of your guides to competitors’ analysis. Also, if you have chosen IT outsourcing to delegate your web solution creation, these tips will help your vendor determine the tech stack used for similar products.

The tech stack used can also be used to derive interesting information about the business itself. For example:

If the website uses premium 3rd party services such as Intercom or Hubspot this can be used to estimate their average monthly spend on 3rd party tools.

If a website uses landing page testing apps, then this could be a good indicator that they are actively investing in their marketing and that they are familiar with landing page optimisation.

If a website uses a certain platform, for example wordpress or shopify then this can be used to tailor your outreach strategy.

The possibilities are endless. Plus best of all you can get live analysis from Hexomatic in minutes and in bulk without having to rely on stale data from tech stack providers.

How to use the tech stack automation

To get started, create a new automation in Hexomatic

You can then use the “Data Input” automation to load a list of URLS you want to analyze.

Next, add the tech stack automation choosing the “Data Input” as the source.

Then click “Continue” and run.

When the workflow has completed you will be able to download a .csv file featuring the tech stack detected for each of the web pages you provided. 

Alternatively you can also chain the “Google search” automation with the tech stack automation to get the tech stack of every search result for a search term, ideal for prospecting leads by industry!

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