How to use automations to save hours of manual work [VIDEO]

Hexomatic features a growing range of ready made automations you can use to perform work tasks and enrich your data.

In this tutorial we will cover how to run automations and how you can combine these with scraping recipes inside a workflow.

Hexomatic has three core parts: Our scraping recipe builder, automations and workflows.

The key point to remember is that all automations and scraping recipes run inside a workflow which acts like a blank canvas enabling you to specify a data input or start point (which can be a file upload, a google sheet, or a copy pasted list of urls or keywords.

You can also start your workflow from a scraping recipe (for example capturing all the urls of listings on a website) and some of our automations including: Google maps, Google search or our sitemap extractor automations.

Then you can specify a wide range of automations to enrich or perform tasks on your data including using Google Translate, DeepL, finding email addresses, finding social media profile links, extracting SEO meta tags, running tech stack analysis or even estimating traffic data.

Workflows can then be run manually or on a schedule and your data can be saved in convenient CSV, Google Sheet or JSON format.