Hexomatic Updates: 4 new automations + big upgrade to our scraping recipe builder

It’s the last week of July and I’ve got a bumper update to share before we head into August.

First up we have three new built-in automations 🔥🔥🔥

The keyword finder looks for the presence or absence of any keyword or phrase in the HTML of a page. This is ideal to look for specific scripts or mentions on a page.

Currency converter (featuring live exchange data)

Crypto currency converter (featuring live exchange data)

Our new converters can be used to get live data in bulk or convert product data into any currency

And if you’re an Amazon seller you will love this new update… 🎉

We just launched a new premium automation which provides Amazon product search results for any keyword in structured data format ⚡

Next, our scraping recipe builder also received some huge updates this week including :

👉Native ad / modal pop-up blocking
👉Custom cookies
👉Element blocking
👉Password input
👉Local storage of browser values
👉Improved automatic pagination

We also implemented more anti bot detection countermeasures and many small UI improvements to improve the overall app experience 🚀 

Lastly we also fixed many bugs reported in the last week which affected our new image converter, Google sheet import and Schema scraper to name a few.

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