5 minute Fiverr Gigs using Hexomatic – Scrape Google Maps + lead enrichment

Are you taking advantage of Fiverr to generate $$$ and find new clients yet?

If not you’re missing out…Last quarter, Fiverr sellers were responsible for over $75M of sales with 60% year on year growth 🚀

Here is a super easy 5 minute gig idea you can start selling with no skills or experience needed.

Scrape Google Maps + lead enrichment

The basic gig can be sold for $5 to $10 for 100-500 results.

You can then offer some upsells to increase your avg order value, for example:

Standard = Scrape email + Social media profile urls

Premium = Scrape email + Social media profile urls + tech stack analysis + SEO meta tags

Pro = Scrape email + Social media profile urls + tech stack analysis + SEO meta tags + email discovery

You can perform this task in minutes using Hexomatic and make a very healthy profit margin.Plus this is a very cost efficient way to acquire new clients for other services at zero cost.

Here is a short video tutorial I created to show how to do this:

How to find targeted leads using Hexomatic [VIDEO TUTORIAL]

Next, here is an example listing description you can use as a template for your Fiverr listing:

I will scrape the top XX businesses from Google maps for any keyword and country.

Each result will contain

Business Name
Full Address
Time zone
Post code
Phone Number
E-mail ( if it’s listed )
Image URL
Reviews (number)Rating (1-5)
Website url

Data will be provided in CSV format.
Requirements:Provide a keyword and city (location) per gig.

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