Hexomatic Updates – First AI automations just went live

Automations + AI = 🚀

With this in mind, I’m super excited to announce our first two AI powered automations!

⚡ AI Image labelling uses machine learning and enables you to label / annotate any image at scale.

⚡ Text to speech enables you to convert text into natural-sounding speech right inside your workflow.

These new features open up a lot of unique use cases and automation opportunities.

Next, we have two new search automations 🔥🔥

Baidu search & Yahoo search which provide 1 click access to SERP data.

Lastly we made more platform improvements including:

👉 Added more email statuses to our email validation automation

👉 Added anchor text data to our Extract links automation

👉 Improved our workflow UX to make it more contextual

👉 Added warning prompts when you’re about to restart a running workflow

You can find all these updates in your dashboard!

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