5 minute Fiverr Gigs using Hexomatic – Scrape Amazon Data

Did you know that Fiverr sellers were responsible for over $75M of sales last quarter? 

With a gig sold every 4 seconds this micro task platform has grown from being served by freelancers to becoming a powerful way to find new clients, increase revenue and upsell services.

Here is a super easy 5 minute gig idea you can start selling with no skills or experience needed using Hexomatic..

Scrape Amazon products

The basic gig can be sold for $5 to $10 for 100-500 results.

The great thing about this particular gig is that there is a high chance your customer will be selling on Amazon, opening up a lot of potential upselling opportunities including:

-Getting seller data competing for a specific ASIN (single product) using Hexomatic’s Amazon seller automation
-Listing & image optimization services
-Listing translation services to help them tap into other Amazon markets

Best of all, you can perform this task in minutes using Hexomatic and make a very healthy profit margin.Plus this is a very cost efficient way to acquire new clients for other services at zero cost.

Here is a short video tutorial I created to show how to do this:

Watch: How to scrape Amazon data in minutes using Hexomatic

Next, here is an example listing description you can use as a template for your Fiverr listing:

I will scrape the top XX products from Amazon for any keyword and marketplace country.

Each result will contain

Product Title
Product URL

Choice or Best seller label
Rating count
Rating Value

Data will be provided in CSV format.

Requirements:Provide a keyword and an Amazon marketplace country per gig (For ex: USA / UK / DE / IT / ES / NL / etc…)

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