Hexomatic Updates – 7 new automations just went live + Crowdsourced beta starts now

First up, great news our team is currently working with Google Cloud engineers to improve our platform infrastructure.

Next we have two new built-in automations 🔥🔥🔥

⭐ Find & replace automation lets you dynamically append, prepend or replace data in your workflow.

⭐ XML sitemap generator

Say hello to your new human assistant 🚀

Today we are also launching our very first crowdsourced YES/NO automation in beta with a promotional price of just 2.5 premium credits per answer!

This new automation enables you to tap into a human assistant inside your workflow to validate difficult to automate things. For example, is this website a marketing agency? Does this page contain any ads? Has this person been at their job for longer than 3 years?

This is a brand new initiative so we will be using the beta to understand types of tasks, costs and future pricing. 👍

Next we have 4 new premium AI automations ⚡⚡⚡

⭐ AI vision – Optical character recognition (OCR) to capture the text from any image
⭐ AI vision – Image safety to detect violent or NSFW images
⭐ AI vision – Spoof detection to detect altered images
⭐ AI Transcription – Enables you to transcript audio files

To use these, simply load a list of urls in our Data input automation and combine with any of the AI automations to do the magic.

Improvements & upgrades 🚀

Our Translation automations now support translation of multiple fields at a time and we added voice previews to our text to speech automation.

Lastly we deployed bug fixes and UI improvements including credit consumption for workflows and new click actions.