Hexomatic Updates – Regex & RSS automations just went live

We are half-way through September and I’ve got another cracking update for you to up your scraping game.

Today we just deployed two epic new built-in automations: 🔥🔥

⚡ Our new Regex automation is like a universal scraper, where you can capture data based on regular expression rules that work on any page template and across different websites.

If you are a developer or like to tinker with regular expressions this will enable you to create complex matching rules that run on autopilot.

⚡ Next up, our RSS extractor automation enables you to scrape any RSS feed right inside your workflow. This opens up a ton of interesting use cases!

For example you could get the latest news, posts or even products of websites on a schedule and perform actions inside your workflow like scraping the new page, creating audio versions of the content, translating to other languages or simply adding to a Google sheet.

Have a great week ahead.

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