Hexomatic Updates: SQL integration + tons of new features deployed

Today I have some exciting updates to share including two new built-in automations and a ton of platform improvements ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥.

First up we have the SQL database connector automation, which enables you to connect Hexomatic to any database and use the query response as a data input. 

This opens up a lot of opportunities to connect to your own apps 🚀.

Next, we have the redirect extractor automation, this was a popular feature request which enables you to capture the destination URL of any affiliate link or link shortener ⚡.

We also deployed platform improvements including:

⭐ Workflow scheduling down to every 30 min, 1h, 3h, 6h and more.
⭐ A new XPath selector option to our scraping recipe builder.
⭐ You can now block pop-up modals in our screenshot automation.
⭐ You can now extract domains from both URL’s and email addresses.
⭐ Email scraper and discovery automations let you pick how many to fetch.

You can find all these new features in your dashboard.

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