Hexomatic Updates: Google Drive integration + check for malware

Two weeks ago we held a poll in our Facebook group to figure out which cloud storage provider to integrate first. Thanks to all who voted and shared their suggestions ❤️❤️❤️.

Today I’m happy to announce that Google Drive (export/sync) was the most requested option and is now live 🎉.

We also deployed our Malicious URL checker, a new premium automation that lets you check any URL for known unsafe web resources including social engineering, phishing, deceptive or malware distributing websites ✅.

With these new automations you’ll be able to store your workflow files in your Gdrive account and audit your own websites or prospects’ landing pages for potential security issues as part of your outreach 🚀.

Our team also deployed updates to the platform including:

⭐ A new “Go to URL” custom action you can use inside scraping recipes.
⭐ Improved find keyword automation which can now search within HTML.
⭐ Improved accessibility audit with better results and logo selection.
⭐ Automations can now be searched by name.

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