Hexomatic Updates: Logo finder, Google Shopping, and more

We have a big update today which will supercharge your eCommerce research and your sales outreach.

First up we have three new powerful automations 🚀:

Our new logo & favicon finder automation enables you to get logos and icons from any website; ideal for customizing reports or personalizing your sales outreach.

We now have a dedicated Google Shopping automation, this premium automation makes it easy to get the top ranking products for any keyword and location.

Bulletproof your email list with our premium email validation automation powered by EasyDMARC which detects spam traps, disposable emails and deliverability issues.

We also deployed multiple platform improvements including:

⭐ WCAG 2.0 or WCAG 2.1 standards now available for accessibility audits
⭐ Custom pagination increment options for scraping recipes
⭐ CSV importing now reads all the columns
⭐ URL limit added in the sitemap extractor
⭐ Support for remotely hosted CSV or TXT files as a data input
⭐ Spelling & grammar audit now has a delay option

You can find all these updates in your dashboard.

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