Hexomatic updates – Trip Advisor + tons of platform updates

Today we just launched one of our most requested data sources: Trip Advisor  🎉.

Our Trip advisor automation (premium) provides 1-click access to hotels, vacation rentals, and restaurants listings featuring business information, contact details, and review scores.

We also have a ton of platform improvements ⚡

⭐ The sitemap extractor automation now has a URL filter.

⭐ Workflow sharing via email to other Hexomatic users is now live.

⭐ Scraping recipes now display a preview image

⭐ Scraping recipe preview speed is now faster with up to 50 custom actions.

⭐ Ready-made workflows organized by sales, marketing, or research tasks.

You can find all our ready-made workflows here: https://hexomatic.com/ready-made-workflow-library

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