Hexomatic Updates – Sentiment analysis, QR codes and more

We are excited to announce the launch of 4 new automations to take your automation game to the next level:

⭐ QR code generator
⭐ AI Sentiment analysis
⭐ Microsoft Teams integration
⭐ Make, formerly Integromat integration

First and foremost, we have launched our QR code generator automation, which can create QR codes, ideal for mobile commerce or local lead generation at scale.

AI Sentiment analysis was a popular feature request and after evaluating different solutions we decided to tap into the Google AI solution which proved to be the most accurate in our internal tests.

Now you can evaluate financial headlines, scraped content, product reviews, and user-generated content in minutes, no coding or machine learning experience needed.
Microsoft Teams integration enables you to easily send notifications from your workflow to Microsoft Teams.

Lastly, our Make (formerly Integromat) integration lets you send your Hexomatic data to 1000’s of apps integrated inside the Make ecosystem.

In addition, we have updated our Social links scraper automation which can now detect Discord channels.
You can find all the updates in your dashboard

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