What’s next for Hexomatic

As we get ready to transition to our next stage of growth I thought I would reflect on our progress so far and some of the areas we will be focusing on next.

Since launching last year we have built the easiest no-code web scraping platform featuring over 90 ready-made automations to perform sales, marketing, and research tasks on autopilot.

There is nothing quite like Hexomatic, but we are only getting started…

Today, we help businesses in over 160 different countries, and thanks to the support and feedback from our epic community we are growing and improving on a weekly basis. Check out our changelog for all our updates.

As we look to the future, we have more platform improvements, more automations, and more ready-made workflows on the way.

Additionally, there are four core areas we plan to expand:

1/ Native integration with CRM and content platforms.

Right now Hexomatic can find leads, product data, and content at scale but adding data to your favorite CRM or CMS is still a manual process.

We are therefore exploring different ways we can create a more seamless end-to-end journey for sales and marketing teams.

2/ Conditional workflow logic

This is a big one… Currently, our workflows have a starting point and you can perform various automations to enrich and supplement the data collected.

The next step for us is to introduce conditional flows which will enable you to perform IF this, THEN that tasks inside workflows. Needless to say, this will open up a lot of new possibilities and use-cases.

3/ Data analysis

Data is great but with the dawn of big data, you need better tools to process information at scale. For us, we see a huge opportunity to tap into AI to extract meaningful insights from data without needing to be a data scientist.

With this in mind, our first step will be developing a sentiment analysis automation powered by Google AI to provide content analysis at scale you can deploy in a few clicks with more work in this area planned.

4/ Community and collaboration

In the last weeks, we have released scraping recipe and workflow sharing, enabling anyone to share their work with any other Hexomatic user.

Our plan is to expand this further, empowering our community of creators as well as our end-users with more opportunities to scale. 

As always, we welcome your feedback, ideas and look forward to growing the Hexomatic movement in 2022 and beyond.

Automate & scale time-consuming tasks like never before

Hexomatic. The no-code, point and click work automation platform.

Harness the internet as your own data source, build your own scraping bots and leverage ready made automations to delegate time consuming tasks and scale your business.

No coding or PhD in programming required.

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