Hexomatic Updates – Check websites for more than 3000 tech stacks

This week we upgraded our Discover Tech Stack automation to help you discover what specific technology or third-party services are used on websites at scale.

Our tech stack list has been significantly enriched so that you can now check websites for more than 3000 tech stacks, including:

🌟 Linkedin Insights

🌟 Linkedin Sign-in

🌟 Amazon Webstore

🌟 Booking

🌟 Cloudflare Browser Insights

🌟 WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway

🌟 WooCommerce PayPal Payments

🌟 DocuSign

🌟 Yelp Review Badge

🌟  Zoho

🌟 Twitter Ads

🌟 Trustpilot

And… a ton more ⚑

You can find this update in your dashboard

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