Hexomatic Updates -1-Click scraping for Booking.com, Best Buy and more

Hexomatic just got even better 🤩.

This week, we have added a number of new 1-click public scraping recipes to our recipe library including:

🌟 Bestbuy (listing page, single product page)

🌟 Flipkart (listing page, single listing)

🌟 Groupon (listing page, single listing)

🌟 Shein (listing page, single product page)

🌟 Booking (listing page, single listing)

With these ready-made scraping recipes, you will be able to scrape popular websites without having to create recipes from scratch 🚀. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions for websites to include in our public scraping recipe library. 

You can find the updates in your dashboard.

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