How to scrape SEO meta tags from any website

How to scrape SEO meta tags from any website

Meta tags are HTML tags that provide metadata about a web page, such as a page’s title, description, and keywords, which can be used by search engines to understand the content of the page better. 

The meta title and meta description are also essential to make a good first impression as search engines use these when displaying search results. As a result, a great title and description can affect the clickthrough rate (CTR) and therefore traffic you can receive from search engines.

Extracting meta tags is therefore a routine SEO task that can be used to:

-Optimize titles and descriptions to improve search engine CTR and clicks

-Analyze titles and descriptions to improve keyword or topical coverage

This can be done for your own websites or to study competitors to identify SEO opportunities.

Scraping all the data manually is time-consuming though, but the good news is that you can use Hexomatic to get the job done in minutes and scrape SEO meta tags in bulk from any website.

Before we start, be sure to have a account.

Step 1: Create a new workflow

Go to your dashboard and create a new workflow by choosing the “blank” option.¬†Select the Data input automation as your starting point.

Step 2: Add website URLs

Next, add the targeted website URLs to scrape meta tags from. You can add a single URL or URLs in bulk. 

Step 3: Add the SEO meta tags automation

Add the SEO meta tags automation, selecting data input as the source. 

You can specify which meta tags you want Hexomatic to scrape or you can select All. In this case, we will select to scrape meta descriptions, title tags, and og descriptions. 

Then, click Continue.

Step 4: Run the workflow

You can click Run now to run the workflow or schedule it. 

Step 5: View and save the results

Once the workflow has finished running, you can view the results and export them to CSV or Google Sheets. 

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