Hexomatic update

Hexomatic Updates – Hexomatic has a new recipe builder

In the last months, our team has been working behind the scenes on a major Hexomatic revamp, which we are codenaming project Athena.

Today I’m excited to announce the first step towards this with an exciting update aimed at making web scraping as easy as possible by tapping into the power of machine learning and crowdsourcing.

Our scraping recipe builder now automatically suggests fields you can capture by analyzing existing scraping recipes created by our community.

For example, if you try to scrape Product Hunt, our recipe builder will automatically recommend fields such as the titles and URLs of each listing you can capture.

This means that the more users we have actively using Hexomatic, the more websites you’ll be able to tap into with just a few clicks.

But that’s not all, after working for weeks with our design team we just deployed a brand new website design for Hexomatic.com:огонь:.

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