Hexomatic ChatGPT automation

Hexomatic Updates – Automate ChatGPT tasks inside workflows!

Hi 👋

Today I’m excited to announce a game-changing update to Hexomatic 🔥🔥🔥.

ChatGPT is great for single tasks, but what if you could automate it and have an entire team of ChatGPT agents working for you on autopilot?

With our new ChatGPT automation, you can now perform powerful tasks inside your Hexomatic workflows at scale.

Simply upload any CSV file or use data from your workflow and you can then run your own custom prompts, or use our ready-made library to ask ChatGPT to summarize, rewrite, improve, craft content, analyze, create social media posts, and more in bulk ⚡.

The possibilities are endless….♾️

Experience the power of ChatGPT automation with Hexomatic today!

You can find the update in your dashboard.

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