How to Automate Your Seo

SEO Automation: How to Automate Your SEO in 2023

There are multiple tasks that SEO specialists handle during their everyday job. There are tasks that are time-consuming, repetitive and even boring, but still very important. 

So what can be done to ease the processes, save time and get better results than during all those tasks manually? Automate your SEO – of course! 

There are dozens of apps, extensions, tools and softwares that will help you in automating your SEO tasks – such as keyword research, web scraping for any content or info you need, tech stack scraping, email finding, email verification, technical SEO audit, even keyword mapping. I guess there is no SEO task that can’t be automated, but one thing is clear – only an SEO specialist can review, edit and find the proper usage of the information that he scraped with a tool. And believe me you are the best tool for implementing your SEO strategy. 

So what tools I use to somehow automate my SEO tasks:


Hexomatic is a web scraping and workflow automation tool that has more than 100 automations and scrapers. I use this tool almost every day: the most used automations for me are:

  1. Scraping any website for content – this automation helps me to scrape any type of content I need for analyzing and understanding the websites’ content specifics 
  2. Scraping Google Search – this is one of the ways I find websites for my link building, or for example I need to find a list of ai directories
  3. Bulk finding emails – I save tons of time with this automation. Imagine that I have a list of websites that I want to outreach, and now I have to find the emails. This automation provides me with a list of emails in seconds. 
  4. Bulk email verification – after getting a ready sheet with emails I want to outreach, and after filtering them out I need to verify them (this is a mandatory process, because I don’t want my email to go to a spam folder because of sending emails to unverified or non-existing emails).  
  5. Content ideas scraping – with the help of our ChatGPT automation I find the most relevant and up-to-date topic ideas I need for our blogs.  
  6. Competitor’s meta data scraping – I need this automation for doing my competitors’ analysis and finding out the reasons why their pages have higher or lower CTRs and/or impressions. 


Ahrefs is a SaaS platform that is designed specifically for SEO tasks. I use it in multiple ways:

  • Keyword research
  • Keyword mapping
  • Competitors’ analysis
  • Website Overview
  • Keywords Rank Tracker

This tool is a vital part of my everyday SEO actions. Ahrefs is an easy to use tool and automates the tasks that an SEO specialist spends hours and even days doing manual job. 


Hexospark is a CRM and Cold Email Outreach tool. Well, this is one of my everyday tools that I use for my SEO outreach and partnership with other websites. With this tool I never miss any contact, all my campaigns are divided into various themes and columns, so there is no mess. Trust me when you have so many conversations the probability to forget or miss an email is so high, but Hexospark does not let me have such issues. 

Except for this, the tool offers tons of icebreakers and email templates that ease the process of campaign creation. 

The numbers are vital in the outreach process, so with this tool I have daily, weekly and monthly stats for every campaign. 


Hexometer is my “every day’s Screaming frog” 🙂 Funny right? But the thing is that I use Screaming frog monthly, but Hexometer – weekly. 

This tool is perfect for an “express technical audit” of your website or your competitor’s website. It allows you to audit SEO, check website health, tech stack, UI/UX issues, security issues. 

You can get daily, weekly or monthly reports for all these metrics. The tool is super-easy to understand and to use. The dashboard UI is perfect as you find everything you need fast. 

It gives you a full picture of the state of your website technical and performance issues. 

Screaming Frog

I started to use Screaming frog when I just started my SEO career – 5 years ago. This SEO spider website crawler is a professional SEO tool that is vital for your detailed technical and website performance audit. I perform the detailed audits every month for my ongoing projects, and – first of all when I take a new project. 

It has tons of important metrics – find broken links, audit redirects, analyze page meta data, discover duplicate content, review robots and directives, generate XML sitemaps, visualize site architecture and more. 

The tool itself is not difficult, but somehow needs to be used by seo specialists for the best understanding and implementation. 

Final Thoughts

Except for all these tools I use various extensions, softwires and websites for all my SEO activities. The process of automating your SEO tasks is becoming easier day by day thanks to AI and generative AI tools, web scrapers and spiders, content generators and various checker tools. These all make our work 10 times more efficient and effective. 

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