Web scraping for the travel industry

Web scraping for the travel industry – Usecases and automation ideas

In the rapidly evolving travel industry, accessing real-time online data is crucial for businesses to stay ahead. Many businesses realized the benefits of web scraping and have started implementing web scraping tools aggregating data from various online sources, encompassing travel and hotel information for various purposes.

The scraped data allows businesses to closely monitor their competitors, optimize pricing strategies, identify trending keywords, personalize customer experiences, and more. However, companies may encounter difficulties when trying to gather data due to a lack of knowledge on maximizing the benefits of scraped travel data for achieving their desired business outcomes.

In this article, we will discover how to scrape travel and tourism data from websites without the need for any specific skills. 

Ready to dive in? First, let’s discuss the main use cases of web scraping in the travel industry.

Web scraping use cases for the travel industry

  • 🟣 Market research: Travel-related websites provide valuable data on customer preferences, booking trends, popular destinations, and emerging travel trends. By analyzing this information, businesses can identify market opportunities and tailor their offerings accordingly.

  • 🟣 Customer insights: Websites often gather feedback and reviews from travelers, which can be an excellent source of customer insights. Understanding customer experiences and preferences helps businesses enhance their services and customer satisfaction.

  • 🟣 Competitor analysis: Travel businesses monitor their competitors’ activities and offerings on travel websites. Analyzing competitors’ strengths and weaknesses allows them to adjust their strategies and stay ahead in the market.

  • 🟣 Pricing and revenue management: By studying pricing trends and demand patterns on travel websites, businesses can optimize their pricing strategies and revenue management. This helps them maximize revenue during peak seasons and minimize losses during low-demand periods.

  • 🟣 Destination popularity: Travel websites reveal which destinations are gaining popularity among travelers. This information is crucial for travel agencies, tour operators, and hotels to adjust their offerings and promotions.

Automation ideas for the travel industry

By automating tasks and gathering valuable information with the help of web scraping, you can save time and focus on decision-making processes. 

Below we will show you a few helpful automation ideas you can use to gather the required data in no time!

Hotel and restaurant data scraping

Scrape a list of hotels or restaurants to find out how competitive you are in the market and how relevant your prices and packages are compared to the ones offered by others. 

This data will help you adjust your own rates and offerings and customize your bookings. 

It’s super easy to collect restaurant and hotel data using tools like Hexomatic. The latter offers easy-to-use automations that will allow anyone to collect the data they need for research.

1. Google search automation: Gather data on popular hotels and restaurants

This automation is great for gathering Google search results and discovering your competitors in the market.

Imagine you own a hotel in Las Vegas. In order to collect the most popular hotels in Las Vegas you need to click on this automation, mention the keyword such as “Las Vegas hotel” or “Hotel in Las Vegas”, and choose the country and how many websites you want the automation to scrape for you. 

Google search automation

After running the automation, you will have a complete list of Las Vegas hotels with website URLs, titles, cache URLs, descriptions, and search types (organic or paid). Export the information to a Google Sheet and enjoy the results!

Web scraping for the travel industry

2. Phone number scraper: Scrape phone numbers of your collected web pages

Need to collect phone numbers for collaboration or any other purposes? You can use a phone number scraper to scrape phone numbers from your collected URLs. Simply, choose Data input as your starting point and copy and paste the list of URLs into the designated field. Then add the phone number scraper and click on the Run now button after choosing the scraping source.

Phone number scraper

3. Tripadvisor search: Get data on Tripadvisor listings

Besides scraping the data from Google, you can use Tripadvisor automation to scrape popular restaurants and hotels in your desired destination. For instance, you can scrape the list of Las Vegas hotels or restaurants by searching the keyword, country, and city. We have searched for “luxury hotels” in Las Vegas.

Tripadvisor search

You can export the collected data such as Tripadvisor ranking, hotel names, Tripadvisor URLs, number of reviews, and ratings into a Google Spreadsheet or download the data as a CSV file.

Tripadvisor search results

Scraping travel agencies

1. Trustpilot search: Get data on businesses listed on Trustpilot, including reviews and company details

Discover valuable information by collecting customer reviews from both your agency’s and competitors’ websites. By analyzing this data, travel agencies gain insights into customer preferences, expectations, pain points, and ways to enhance their value proposition. Additionally, they can learn from competitors’ successful practices to refine their own strategies and stay ahead in the market. 

All you have to do is type the relevant keyword in the Trustpilot search automation and you’ll get the list of travel agencies, including information such as Trustpilot search reviews count, ratings, Trsupilor URLs, and more.

Trustpilot search

Another option is to start a new workflow by choosing data input as a starting point. Here you can copy and paste all the URLs you need to scrape. Then add the Trustpilot automation and the automation will gather the data in minutes!

2. Email discovery: Discover email addresses found on the website or referenced on the internet

Do you need to contact hotels, restaurants, or any other businesses for collaboration? You don’t need to enter the business websites one by one and find the email in order to reach out to them. 

With the help of Email discovery automation, you can simply copy and paste the URLs of business pages, and the automation will find business emails for you, saving you time and effort.

Moreover, you can also add Email verification automation in the same workflow to help you verify all the discovered addresses before using them. To do so you need to press the plus (+) button and search for the Email verification automation.

Email discovery

Need other channels for contact? We’ve got you covered! Add Social links scraper to the workflow and you’ll get valuable data that includes not only email addresses but also social media profile links.

We’ve introduced just a few automations you can use to streamline the processes and stay ahead of the game. Browse our library of 100+ automations and choose the ones that best fit your requirements. Remember that the sooner you implement web scraping for the travel industry, the easier you’ll reach your business goals!

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