Gemini VS ChatGPT - AI Comparison

Gemini VS ChatGPT – AI Comparison

We all know ChatGPT became very popular after it was introduced to the public. Soon after, Google introduced its AI tool, Bard. But Google didn’t stop there. 

They also released a new version of their chatbot called Gemini, claiming it can match or even outperform OpenAI’s star performer.

In this article, we will compare these 2 popular chatbots and find out which one is better to use in particular scenarios. Let’s not waste our time and discover their stunning features now!

Introduction to Gemini AI

Gemini VS ChatGPT

Gemini AI is Google’s latest Large Language Model (LLM), designed to be more powerful and capable than its predecessor. It’s a multimodal model, meaning it can process text, images, video, audio, and code. 

Gemini excels in various areas, including computer vision, geospatial science, human health, and integrated technologies. Google emphasizes Gemini’s applications in coding, showcasing AlphaCode 2, a new code-generating system that outperforms human participants in coding competitions. 

The model comes in three variants: Nano, Pro, and Ultra, each tailored to different user needs and tasks:

  • – Nano: This variant is intended for fast on-device tasks. It is suitable for quick, efficient processing of tasks that don’t require extensive computational power.
  • – Pro: Gemini Pro is a versatile version that serves as the middle tier. It offers advanced text-based capabilities and can handle a wide range of tasks, making it suitable for users with diverse requirements.
  • – Ultra: This is the most powerful variant of Gemini. While details about Ultra are limited, it is expected to offer even more advanced capabilities than Nano and Pro. However, Ultra is still undergoing safety checks and is set to be available in the future.

Introduction to ChatGPT

Gemini VS ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI. It is part of the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) series. ChatGPT is designed to generate human-like text based on the input it receives. It can be used for various natural language processing tasks, including conversation, content generation, and answering questions.

Users interact with ChatGPT by providing prompts or queries, and the model responds by generating coherent and contextually relevant text. It has gained popularity for its ability to understand and generate diverse and contextually appropriate responses across a wide range of topics.

Gemini VS ChatGPT comparison

It should be noted that Gemini Pro has been integrated into Google Bard, which made the tool more accurate and prone to high-quality responses.

Bard is comparable to ChatGPT, which is built on the GPT-3.5 model. Its more advanced model GPT- 4 is used in the more advanced variant, ChatGPT Plus.

Performance in language understanding:


  • – Gemini Pro, in MMLU benchmark tests, outperformed human experts with a score of 79.13% in general language understanding.
  • – It excelled in arithmetic reasoning and code generation benchmarks, showcasing its versatility.


  • – GPT-3.5 has a strong language understanding capability, evaluated through various benchmarks and tasks.
  • – It has been widely used for natural language processing applications and creative text generation.

Multimedia content processing:

Gemini: Gemini Ultra demonstrated strong performance in image, video, and audio processing tasks, surpassing benchmarks in several categories.

ChatGPT-3.5: While primarily focused on text, GPT-3.5 has limited capabilities in processing multimedia content compared to Gemini.

Code generation:

Gemini: Gemini, particularly Gemini Pro, has shown prowess in code generation, making it a valuable tool for developers.

ChatGPT-3.5: GPT-3.5 also has code generation capabilities, but the extent of its performance may vary based on the complexity of the code.


Gemini Ultra: Engaged in multi-step reasoning, scoring 83.6% in the Big-Bench Hard test, nearly matching GPT-4’s 83.1% in a 3-shot API configuration.

ChatGPT-4: Achieved 83.1% in the Big-Bench Hard test, showcasing comparable reasoning abilities to Gemini Ultra.

Main advantages of each AI tool

Here are the main advantages you should consider when choosing ChatGPT and Gemini:

Advantages of Gemini

  1. Cutting-edge neural network architectures: Google Gemini uses advanced neural network architectures, showcasing Google’s expertise in developing and implementing advanced technologies. This emphasis on deep learning techniques enables Gemini to surpass traditional language models, achieving new levels of language comprehension.
  1. Enhanced natural language understanding: With a primary objective to enhance natural language understanding, Gemini is a game-changer for applications requiring a deep understanding of user intent and context. This focus makes Gemini a powerful tool for nuanced and context-aware interactions between users and machines.
  1. Works well with Google: Being part of Google, Gemini can easily connect and work together with other Google products and services. This makes it handy for developers and gives it access to a lot of helpful tools.

Advantages of ChatGPT

  1. Versatility in open-domain conversations: Trained on diverse datasets, ChatGPT showcases versatility in providing contextually relevant responses. This feature has led to widespread adoption across various industries, from customer service applications to content creation tools.
  1. Massive parameter count: Built upon the GPT-3.5 architecture, ChatGPT is a massive parameter count, allowing it to generate coherent and contextually relevant responses. This strength is effective when creating human-like interactions in natural language conversations.
  1. Accessible APIs and collaborative ecosystem: OpenAI’s approach involves providing developers with accessible APIs, encouraging a collaborative ecosystem for improvement and innovation. 

Gemini VS ChatGPT: Which tool to choose?

The choice between Google Gemini and ChatGPT may depend on the specific requirements of a given application. If a deep understanding of user intent and context is important for you, Gemini could be a preferred choice. For applications requiring versatile open-domain conversations, ChatGPT might be more suitable.

Besides, Gemini works well with Google tools, while ChatGPT is more open for different developers to use. So, your choice might also depend on how you like to work.

Google Gemini’s vision is about elevating language understanding, while ChatGPT aims to create engaging and contextually aware conversational agents. Developers and businesses may prioritize based on their alignment with these visions and the unique strengths each tool brings to the table.

How to supercharge ChatGPT and Gemini with Hexomatic

Now that you’ve explored the strengths of Google Gemini and ChatGPT, it’s time to take them to the next level by supercharging their capabilities. 

By combining these AI tools with Hexomatic, you can automate various tasks and create a virtual assistant that operates with high efficiency.

Automating tasks with Hexomatic:

  1. Navigate to Hexomatic’s dashboard and choose either Google Gemini or ChatGPT automation from the automations section.
  1. Click on the “Create Workflow” button to access a new page where you can automate diverse tasks, including text transformation, enhancement, analysis, or summarization.
  1. In the manual paste section, you can add the text/product names or use the Upload file section to upload files with relevant information.
  1. Now, the beauty of automation is in the ability to add multiple prompts simultaneously! Hexomatic will perform different tasks at the same time, saving you time and providing valuable data for various purposes.

Add as many prompts as you want to carry out thorough content research or create long-form content.

  1. Run the workflow with a single click and download the results in a Google Sheet once the process is complete.

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