How to scrape Startupjobs

How to scrape Startupjobs

Startupjobs is an international job posting website featuring job openings from a number of well-known companies including Netflix, Cloudflare, Spotify, TripAdvisor, and more.

Scraping job data can provide valuable insights for both job seekers and employers.

Scraping job vacancy pages regularly makes it possible to have the most updated information on the labor market. You can then use this data for detailed analysis of the market, detecting the most demanded professions, and more.

Job seekers can use job listings scraping for finding jobs offering better salaries, for staying updated on the latest work requirements, corporate policies, etc. 

Companies and startups can use data scraping to know the availability of talented candidates, find the employees who are the best fit for their requirements, and more.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to scrape any Startup jobs listings on autopilot using Hexomatic. 

Step 1: Go to the Public Recipe Library

From your dashboard, select Recipe Library to access the public scraping recipes. 

Now, go to and capture your desired category page URL(s).

For example,

Step 3: Select “ jobs listings ” recipe

From the Recipe Library, select the “ jobs listings” recipe, and click the “Use with data input” option. 

Then, click Continue.

Step 4: Add captured page URL(s)

Next, add the previously captured page URL(s), selecting data input as the source. 

Step 5: Add the “ jobs listings” recipe

Next, from the Public Scraping Recipes list, choose “ jobs listings”, selecting data input as the source. 

Step 6: Run the workflow

Run the workflow to get the results. 

Step 7: View and Save the results

Once the workflow has finished running, you can view the results and export them to CSV or Google Sheets. 

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