10 Best Workflow Automation Tools

10 Best Workflow Automation Tools

Workflow automation tools have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. These tools allow businesses of all sizes to automate tedious tasks, simplify complex processes, and free up valuable time for more important tasks. 

In fact, a recent study found that companies that implement workflow automation see an increase in productivity of 20% to 30%. Furthermore, the use of automation can also lead to better time management.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the 10 best workflow automation tools on the market to help you take your productivity to a whole new level!

Why should you use workflow automation tools?

No matter what workflow automation tool you choose, all of them will help you in the following ways:

🔸 Saves time: By automating some tasks, you will have more time for more complicated ones.

🔸 Increases productivity: Workflow automation tasks run on their schedule, so you won’t have to worry about skipping or forgetting the tasks.

🔸 Reduces human error: Workflow automation tools help you avoid human errors and consistently keep them in check.

How to choose the best workflow automation tools for your business?

There are so many options available on the market that choosing the right workflow automation tool for your business can be a daunting task. You should consider key factors before choosing the tool that will meet all your needs and help you in time management.

First, take a step back and identify the bottlenecks in your current workflow. What tasks are taking up the most time and resources? Which processes are the most complex and prone to error? Understanding your pain points will help you identify the specific features you need in a workflow automation tool.

Ease of use is also a critical consideration. You want a tool that is intuitive and user-friendly, with a simple and straightforward interface. A complicated or clunky tool will only add to your workload rather than streamline it.

Another important factor is the cost. While workflow automation tools can save your business time and money in the long run, you need to weigh the upfront costs of the tool against the potential benefits it will provide. Consider the features and functionality of the tool, as well as the level of customer support provided, when evaluating the cost.

Lastly, consider the scalability of the tool. As your business grows and your workflow changes, you’ll want a tool that can grow and evolve with you. Look for a tool that offers customizable workflows and can adapt to your changing needs.

10 best workflow automation tools for 2023

In this article, we have gathered the best workflow automation tools that will help your business grow and thrive. Choose the one that suits your needs and boost your productivity with it.

1. Hexomatic


Hexomatic is a no-code web scraping and work automation platform.

With Hexomatic, you will be able to capture data such as products, listings, and prices in minutes without wasting your time on copy-pasting activities. 

The great thing about this tool is that it requires no coding skills. Workflow automation can be done in just a few clicks with the help of scraping recipes.

Hexomatic also includes 100+ built-in automations that you can use for various purposes. For instance, you can collect contact details, extract SEO data, detect tech stack, perform WHOIS queries, convert images, and many more.

2. ClickUp

ClickUp is a great task management software that allows teams to manage their tasks effectively. It is used to automatically assign members to tasks, add tags to tasks based on priorities, modify deadline status, post comments, etc. 

One of the benefits of ClickUp is that it allows you to integrate external apps into your workflow. For instance, you can easily automate your ClickUp tasks with Slack, GitHub, Dropbox, Calendly, Google Sheets, and other integrations.

ClickUp has a library of 50+ automations that can be performed when a task is completed, such as notifying team members, changing project statuses, or syncing data to other platforms. Besides, you can create your own automation to streamline the workflow.

3. Hubspot

Hubspot is one of the most popular options on this list. It includes workflow automation tools,  such as automations for streamlining customer service, email marketing, or creating and executing sales funnel templates. It allows users to automate many parts of the customer journey and track their behavior.

Hubspot’s editor shows workflows in real-time, no matter how complicated they are. Its workflows are used for more than just emails. They can call an email validation API, and automate the process of your recurring tasks. 

This software offers more than 50 workflow integrations with endless possibilities. The main concern about Hubspot is that its automation features come at high prices. They are great for large teams.

4. Nintex

Nintex is a great enterprise workflow automation software that offers a multitude of automation tools, like process mapping and process intelligence. In other words, you will be able to map out each of your business processes and execute and monitor their performances with ease. 

Nintex doesn’t require any coding skills and is recommended for enterprise businesses with established processes. Its integrations can connect all your apps and help you automate tasks related to IT, HR, finances, and law.

5. MagicBrief

MagicBrief homepage screenshot

MagicBrief is a powerful platform that helps users save and organize ad references from various sources like TikTok and Facebook Ad Library using the MagicBrief Chrome Extension. With unlimited folders, filters, and tags, it’s easy to quickly find and save Facebook ads for future reference. Once saved, ads are stored in the MagicBrief library permanently, even if the brand stops running them. 

MagicAI analyses video ads and highlights winning keyframes to help users build viral ads of their own. Additionally, MagicBrief automatically breaks down existing ads into their main scenes, making it easy to rework them into new variants. 

The MagicBoard feature allows users to create storyboards for any project, complete with captions, soundtrack and visual recommendations, reference links, videos, and images for each frame

6. Zapier

Zapier is a powerful automation platform that connects various web applications and automates repetitive tasks. 

Zapier offers over 3,000 integrations with different applications, ranging from popular tools like Google Sheets and Trello to more specialized software like Shopify and Salesforce. This enables businesses to automate a wide range of tasks across different departments, including marketing, customer service, and project management.

For example, you can pass data from your email platform to your CRM, or send data from Google Drive to Dropbox.

Zapier also provides reporting and analytics tools, allowing businesses to track the performance of their Zaps (automated workflows) and make adjustments as needed. The platform offers a dashboard where users can view all their Zaps in one place, check their performance metrics, and monitor errors.

7. Flokzu

Flokzu is one of the best project management workflow automation software that allows anyone to create tasks, deadlines, notifications, and business rules. With the help of Flokzu, you can send pending tasks to the project’s assignees’ inboxes. Once the workflow is completed, the tasks are automatically assigned to other users and roles responsible for the task.

Besides, Flokzu offers reporting dashboard to help you see the performance and metrics of your business processes, completed tasks, tracked time, and more.

8. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of the most popular platforms that automate complex emails and newsletters. Besides the great automation features, it offers a user-friendly interface. 

One of the key features of Mailchimp’s integration tools is its ability to integrate with various e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento. This allows businesses to automatically sync their customer data, order history, and other information, making it easy to create targeted email campaigns for different customer segments.

Mailchimp’s integration tools also allow businesses to automate their social media marketing efforts. The platform can connect with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to automatically share email campaigns and track their performance.

9. Airtable

Airtable is a low-code platform for tracking and building collaborative spreadsheet apps. The great thing about this platform is that it includes pre-made templates that make the onboarding process easier. This workflow automation software allows integrations with some of the most popular tools out there, including Facebook, Twitter, Slack, and Google Workspace.

Airtable offers solutions for various fields, such as marketing, operations, human resources, sales, finance, and more.

One of the biggest advantages of Airtable is that it gives a real collaborative experience, with the ability to see your projects on a grid-like view, Gantt charts, calendar charts, and Kanban boards. It has a free plan with up to 5 editors or creators.

10. NapoleonCat

NapoleonCat is one of the best social media automation tools that allows anyone to automate their social sales, teamwork, social customer service, moderating ads, scheduling and publishing, and analytics and reports.

This platform’s automation solutions will help you set up automatic replies to simple questions, automatically reply to comments and redirect issues to designated consultants.

You can try NaoleonCat free for 14 days, but keep in mind that its paid plans start at $23.25 a month

11. iSmartRecruit

iSmartRecruit is one of the best recruitment software on the market. It offers an applicant tracking system and recruitment CRM to automate recruitment cycles. By reducing repetitive tasks in the hiring process, you can focus on choosing the best professional to work at your company. 

This workflow automation software has tools for staffing recruitment agencies, headhunting firms, corporate HR departments, and executive search companies.

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