How to scrape recruitment websites

How to Scrape Recruitment Websites

Did you know that there are over 6 million job openings in the United States posted on thousands of recruitment websites?

This opens up numerous opportunities for both job seekers and recruiters, but with so much data available it’s nearly impossible to tap into without some form of automation and data scraping. 

You could copy and paste data manually, but web scraping allows extracting the necessary information at scale, saving tons of time and money. 

In this article, we are going to show you how to use Hexomatic, one of the most powerful no-code web scraping tools helping to turn any website into a spreadsheet in minutes. 

But, first, let’s see how any recruiter or job seeker can benefit from using web scraping tools. 

Here we go!

Benefits of web scraping for recruiters

According to a report prepared by Linkedin Talent Solutions, two out of three recruiters don’t acquire the right tools for understanding the market and analyzing the talent pool they recruit from. Hence,  most recruiters don’t take most of the possibilities for making more data-driven analyses and decisions.

Using coding languages to scrape websites or hiring developers to do this for them is not an option while using a no-code web scraping tool has the potential of taking the overall recruitment process to a new level. 

Automating the process of scanning through the large pool of profiles, resumes, and job postings will help recruiters to save time on the data collection process, quickly shortlist the best candidates for open positions, remain competitive by staying on top of the latest trends, analyze the salary trends, and many more. 

This way recruiters have the chance to increase their efficiency times, speed up their job, and make it easy and enjoyable.

Benefits of web scraping for job seekers

Job seekers use web scraping tools less than recruiters this way making the process of finding their dream job longer and more tortuous. 

To find job postings matching their skills and experience, job seekers need to visit multiple websites, wasting time searching for the right ones to apply for. 

Web scraping can make it much simpler and quicker to find the desired job posting freeing up time for preparing the cover letter to apply for the job and other more important activities. 

Job seekers can successfully use web scraping tools to quickly identify the employers that match their career aspirations best. 

And, best of all, web scraping lets job seekers quickly extract salary information from multiple websites at a time to understand the salary trends in their market and negotiate better salaries.

How to scrape popular recruitment websites

In this section, we will guide you through how to scrape some popular recruitment websites like Indeed, Dice, Google Careers, SimplyHired, Working Nomads, Seek,, and Startup jobs. 

1. How to scrape Indeed 

Indeed stands out as the major recruitment platform in the United States and Canada, serving as an invaluable resource for recruiters, businesses, and job seekers who wish to access its data. It is not surprising, that the manual collection of this data can be boring and tedious. 

Scraping job websites like Indeed can be beneficial both for recruiters and job seekers. Integrating with a jobs API can further enhance these benefits by providing real-time access to job listings and relevant data.

On Hexomatic, you can find a tutorial, explaining how to easily extract data from Indeed without using any coding language. 

πŸ‘‰ Read the full tutorial to find out more.

2. How to scrape Dice

Dice is known mostly as a tech recruitment platform, featuring over 80.000 job postings.

Aside from a large pool of job postings, Dice offers guidance on a career path, and salary estimations to assist anyone on their career journey. This way job seekers must be very eager to scrape jobs from this platform. 

Hexomatic provides a ready-made recipe allowing you to grasp and extract data from Dice in a few simple steps. No need to create a recipe from scratch on your own!

πŸ‘‰ Read the full tutorial to find out more.

 3. How to scrape Google Careers

Everyone has likely dreamt of working at Google, but how can one make efficient use of their time when looking for the perfect job?  The best solution is scraping the Google Careers website not to miss out on any great opportunity!

Hexomatic provides you with a public scraping recipe, allowing you to automatically scrape jobs from Google Careers in a few clicks. 

πŸ‘‰ Read the full tutorial to find out more.

4. How to scrape SimplyHired

SimplyHired is one of the most popular recruitment platforms in the United States with over 3 million monthly visitors. This makes the website a real goldmine both for recruiters and job seekers. 

By scraping data from SimplyHired employers can take advantage of more comprehensive candidate research, finding the most suitable candidates for the open positions. On the other hand, job seekers can use the data for performing a more thorough job and company research.

With Hexomatic, you can scrape jobs from SimplyHired with a few simple clicks. 

πŸ‘‰ Read the full tutorial to find out more.

5. How to scrape Working Nomads

Working Nomads is one of the most popular freelance job platforms, providing recruiters and freelancers with an easy-to-use job board. With thousands of qualified professionals, recruiters have access to a variety of talented hires from all over the world. And for freelancers, there’s no need to spend hours or days sifting through countless job postings and websites.Β 

Hexomatic allows scraping Working Nomads with a ready-made scraping recipe enabling you to export the data instantly into a convenient spreadsheet format. 

πŸ‘‰ Read the full tutorial to find out more.

 6. How to scrape Seek

Seek is the leading Australian recruitment platform providing access to a huge database of job announcements that lets recruiters and job seekers to get insights into the job market, perform market and salary research, and more. 

To save you time and money, Hexomatic provides a simple-to-use ready-made public scraping recipe for scraping Seek job listings in minutes. 
πŸ‘‰ Read the full tutorial to find out more.

7. How to scrape is one of the major freelance job platforms featuring over 60 million freelancers from over 200 countries of the world. 

The website offers a large number of freelance opportunities, including marketing, design, data research, software development, and many more. 

Hexomatic allows you to leverage job data from Freelancer in a few simple steps. 

πŸ‘‰ Read the full tutorial to find out more.

8. How to scrape Startup jobs

Startupjobs is a famous recruitment platform worldwide offering jobs not only in startups but also in the most well-known companies and corporations, like Tripadvisor, Netflix, Spotify, etc. 

Startups and companies can utilize the data from this platform for finding the candidates that best match their requirements. For job seekers, this website can serve as an ideal platform for finding growth opportunities in the world of startup businesses and not only. 

Hexomatic provides an easy and fast way of leveraging Startupjobs data in a few minutes. 

πŸ‘‰ Read the full tutorial to find out more.

To Conclude

If you’re a recruiter or job seeker aiming to maximize the use of recruitment websites, web scraping can serve as the best tool to use. 

In this article, we provided an overview of the top recruitment websites that can be scraped, plus detailed tutorials on taking your recruitment journey to the next level.

Just pick your website and start scraping!

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